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Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 10, 2018 @ 10:15 AM | 8,589 Views
getting altitude readings and thermaling
i search for thermals, just for the fun of it. no competition.
1-i have been using a device that tells me the height (voice) at certain levels (like every 20 feet or meters).
2-and now i am getting another that tells me the height every 10 seconds (or whatever time i want).
i cant use both at the same time; just 1 or the other.
am trying to decide which way is or may be more convenient.
but i find the 1 am using very convenient for my purposes.
so far i havent been able to test the 1 that tells every 10 seconds.
i wonder if some1 with experience could bring comments about these options; if he has tried either or both.
only comments polite, positive and to the point please.
i started a thread on something related that may be of interest: