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Posted by phil alvirez | May 27, 2013 @ 08:26 AM | 8,672 Views
although my experience has been only using the basic readings of volts, and this with quanum, i think that it could be of some use for some.
1st of all, what is the good thing of quanum? well, it is independent from your radio, so you can use with any radio. no electronic link, no programmimg the radio. the only connection it has is with the pack that goes into the plane, as it takes power from it, from the other end that is used for charging.
so, what is it? the 16 grams basic unit (that goes into the plane) is a transmitter with a built-in voltmeter. that's it. (you may add an amps/temperature probe too). what it does it senses the volts on your pack and sends readings of all and every cell it to the receiver (screen), that can be mounted on your radio (transmitter) or on your wrist, like a watch. there you see what's going on in your plane. it helps to avoid draining your pack below limits so you don't reduce the pack's life or, more important, to run out of power while in flight.
this is the product:
1.-once you get it, unwrap it from its nice package that has instructions for binding-but no more, and charge the screen (receiver) by plugging the usb cable to your computer, or with the adapter to your cigarette lighter in your car. it will show full charge at the icon on the lower left corner, that is like the 1 on your cellular.
2.- now remove that sticker from the screen. at least,...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | May 07, 2013 @ 04:32 PM | 10,271 Views
akropolitan (from greek=inhabitant of the heights) is a hybrid that uses the fuse/tail/avionics of a fox 2.35 meters ws: and a wing that i designed for thermaling, so it has the looks that i like, and flies more to my liking.
i enlarged the wing to 100" with undercambered, thin airfoil, 10" chord, 960 sqin; 2 pieces wing with gull dihedral to lower the center of gravity, and raised tips. 1/8x1/4 over/under spruce main spars with 1/64 webs, and 2 sets of 1/8 sq over/under spruce spars. 1/16 v trailing edge, 1/8 cf tubing leading edge. 1/4" dural join bar plugged in cf tubings. covering is hangar9 HANU950 transparent red, and solarfilm SLF125 tr yellow tips. auw is 1100 gr (about 39 oz) with a 3x1300 pack. i also enlarged the tail by adding 1" to the chord of the elevator and rudder. balance is at 33%, and the pack sits at the back of the canopy. after further tests i added 1" more to the rudder, as it was sluggish. i added quanum telemetry (16 gr). elevator is very sensitive anyway. although not intended for it, recently i flew it in extremely windy and gusty weather. it handles it well but there is wing flutter when climbing on full power. but on calm to moderate wind it is ok.