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Posted by gatorb8 | Jan 24, 2015 @ 04:22 PM | 14,503 Views
I had all these parts from a year ago so I decided to build a 250-lite quad.
It's a $11 RCX230 CF frame
$9 RCX 1804 motors
some $8 esc's I got from whitespy
the vtx and wide angle cam is from FPVHobby, just over $100, 5.5g total!
$25 naze32
$22 FRSky DR4-II, it has battery voltage telemetry to Taranis!!!
I used CPPM to minimize wires
home made landing gear from 1" PVC pipe

AUW is 350g with 1300 mah 3S nano and FPC "cruising" flight time is 12 minutes landing at 3.6V/cell

I have lots of racing quads that will go farther and faster. The goal here was long flight time and just cruising round FPV. Amazing what FPV UAV you can build for under $250. I could find much cheaper video and cam, but not lighter!

I could probably shave some weight and increase flight time, that's next and I'll compare flight times. I want to keep with 3S cause I have dozens of them

I'm looking at shaving weight. I built the RCX250 (it's actually 230mm) frame like a warpquad, comes in at 45 grams with nylon hardware (knocked about 25g off the stock RCX 250 frame), sort of a poor mans warpquad at $11

also looked at the one piece RCX CF223 CF frame. it's 195mm and 47g

looking for a light 6A ESC with BLHeli, for flexibility may just go with the lightest 12A ESC with the EMAX 12A

Here's a video of the FPV Cruiser, getting very good video 300 yards out.

Need to mount the cam better to get rid of the vibes.
RCX230 frame with FPV Hobby 100mw vTx
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