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Posted by TINGW | Today @ 02:29 AM | 29 Views
Item name: Fire
KV: 2100KV/2300KV/2600KV
Pull: 1280g/ 1450g/ 1200g
Motor Size:Φ27.7x17.7
Battery: 3-6S Lipo
Weight: 32.38g
Imported ISC bearing
0.1mm laminations
N54 magnets
M5 hollow shaft

Item: Storm
KV: 2300KV/2500KV
0.1mm laminations
Imported ISC bearing
N54 magnets
M5 hollow shaft
Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): Φ27.7x18.7mm
Weight (g): 33.73g
No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-6S
Max Continuous current(A): 29.3A
Max Continuous Power(W): 468.8W
Internal resistance: 0.04

Item name:Thor
KV: 2200KV/2500KV/2700KV
Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): Φ29.7x18.7mm
Weight (g): 37.45g
No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-6S
Max Continuous current(A): 38.3A
Max Continuous Power(W): 612.8W
Internal resistance: 0.04

Item name:Mars
KV: 2400KV/2750KV
Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): Φ28.5x18.7mm
Weight (g): 34.36g
No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-6S
Max Continuous current(A): 34.5A
Max Continuous Power(W): 574.4W
Internal resistance: 0.04
Posted by akkteck | Today @ 01:59 AM | 52 Views
Jet RC BIG 29 (9 min 53 sec)

Posted by kestrel2003 | Today @ 12:49 AM | 88 Views
A solid Airshow in the mountains. The Swiss Tiger F-5E replacement Programm is beeing restarted soon, so the main contenders are heating up the race; Gripen, Rafael, Eurofighter, maybe soon F-35
Posted by cvlex | Yesterday @ 10:47 PM | 149 Views
Yesterday I maidened my Multiplex Heron RC sailplane at Sasayama.

Although I purchased the RR kit, I removed the ESC and the folding prop blades and installed a 4.8v2300mAh Ni-MH battery pack for receiver.
I also attached a small lead ballast under the electric motor to get proper C.G position.

My Heron flew so well. Easy to cruise, easy to thermal. Great in the air.

The wing fixing system is also great. At the landing of the third flight, I hit the ground with the left wing. Then the wings popped off and no damage at all.

My friend Takaya took several pics and short vids.


Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 09:36 PM | 177 Views
Flew the Timber today---kinda like watching grass grow.
Posted by notarealpilot | Yesterday @ 09:23 PM | 187 Views
WOW!! I had no idea it's been that long! I'm sorry to say the Admiral has been in dry dock for most of that time. A few things contributed to that. One, as I stated before, I think the motors are going to push this thing to fast and out of scale. I was thinking about how to do a gear reduction drive and that meant adjusting the motor mounts and getting gear or belt drives etc. None of which I knew how to do. Since then I realized that you can get gear reduction units already installed on the motors and that means just shortening my drive shafts. But then I've come to the conclusion that maybe I should just wait till its done because I'll probably have several pounds of ballast to make it sit right and that will undoubtedly slow it down some. Secondly, my mentors health has deteriorated significantly and he provided lots of guidance.
Posted by rab | Yesterday @ 09:12 PM | 188 Views
Spent the last hour of daylight at PGRC yesterday. As it was the war birds, big birds event this weekend and as I have nothing that would qualify as big I brought my DR1 and a Miles M20 I'd just finished. The DR1 behaved like always, a pleasure to fly. The new plane the Miles M20 worked I ran two packs through it. The 2s 400mah packs I used gave me the slow stall speed I was hoping for but not much speed. I don't think it is enough power to loop the plane unless I dive to pick up some momentum. I guess I'll try a 3s 450mah pack next time and see if I like that better.

I should mention that I've been flying the bird of time, an loving it. But I made a newbe mistake, I used transparent covering - which does not make the plane easier to see when it gets some distance out.
Posted by bluem6 | Yesterday @ 08:59 PM | 195 Views
My first attempted on a 3S build with 1104 didn't go so well. It was bad choice using 8500kv as it is to high and the motor would heat up to much to handle 3S. The quad (Flying Egg) handle 2S great so I kept it as is. I've recently purchase the Jumper X86 a few weeks ago but the performance is so weak. So I've decided to gut out the motor (1104 7500kv) and see how it would handle on 3S.

My previous KingKong 110GT had 1103 on them and they were decent and have been flying nicely but it's time for another build...


1. Racerstar 10A 2-3S Dshot 600 2in1 (16x16m spacing)
2. F3 flight controller (16x16)
3. 1104 7500kv motors from the Jumper X86
4. KingKong 2840 triblades
5. FrSky SBUS micro receiver
6. 450-850mah 3S
7. AKK A2 200mw AIO

My own "stack", the "red" part is a custom plate since the mounting holes is some weird dimension...Also I need to keep the stack very short or it will not fit once the cover is snap in place.

...Continue Reading
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 07:35 PM | 253 Views
This is the Unboxing & Review for the new MJX Bugs 6 RTF FPV Racing Drone. I unbox it, fly it, and review it in this video.

MJX Bugs 6 RTF FPV Racing Drone Unboxing & Review (10 min 39 sec)

MJX Bugs 6 RC Drone Notes:

- It is literally a racing drone ready to fly out of the box!
- It has the same balanced flight performance in a tight space that the MJX Bugs 3 Drone offers.
- An FPV display that mounts onto the radio is provided and is easy to assemble.
- It comes with a nice 4.3 inch LCD FPV display
- Nice super bright lights
- It comes brushless motors
- A very nice Entry Level FPV Racing Drone perfect for a Beginner.

- The proprietary battery is a con for me. I want to fly it more that just once at a time!
Posted by Robert Salcedo | Yesterday @ 05:27 PM | 292 Views
Hello again im back with more problems. I have a FlySky transmitter binded to my eachine wizard x220 and I'm trying to bind it to my King Kong 90gt which I installed a micro f s i a 8s but the transmitter doesn't register in betaflight and the Drone doesn't respond to the commands. What do I do now do you think it's the transmitter or the receiver I've been looking for help but I don't seem to be able to find any knowledgeable source that I can take it to in my local area is there any place in the Los Angeles area that has experience with troubleshooting drones and betaflight and transmitters.
Posted by kepsilon | Yesterday @ 02:44 PM | 109 Views
Hi there,

I'm looking to switch from NiMh to LiPo or Li-ion batteries, mainly because my current batteries are far too heavy, being that I need six of them to get 3000mah and 7.2V.
I have found a good Li-ion battery - 2600mah, 3.7V, relatively cheap and small, unlike the majority of LiPo batteries. However, viewing the battery specs, there is no clear value for its amp discharge rate and I'm concerned it may be too low for my car.
Should I buy them and try it out, or should I look for some LiPo batteries instead? Has anyone had experience with using Li-ion??

Another issue I have with LiPos is that they often come in a single hard case that is quite large - I really need some smaller batteries that can be distributed across my car to keep its centre of gravity low.

If you know of any LiPo batteries that aren't too expensive, can achieve 3000mah (or close), can make a voltage of at 7.2-7.4V, and aren't too large, I would really appreciate recommendations.

See the Li-ion battery here:

Thanks for any advice!!
Posted by farquward | Yesterday @ 01:53 PM | 424 Views
As most wives, mine likes to keep her babbles nice and shiny. She uses a commercially available home cleaning tub in between professional cleaning. So as the last tub had become used up, she asked if I wanted it. As it turns out, replacing the solvent with rubbing alcohol and setting screws and what not in the basket is a proven winner. Let them soak for a bit, set the basket on some sort of support (I bent a piece of solid # 12 AWG wire) to drip dry, wipe off remaining solvent and it's ready for loctite.
Posted by John1925 | Yesterday @ 01:35 PM | 421 Views
Rusty AF (5 min 5 sec)

Posted by Shoveopoly | Yesterday @ 01:13 PM | 429 Views
Madien was going well until motor 4 quit working. Back to the bench with this one. Time to get the Fluke out.
Posted by DuPageJoe | Yesterday @ 01:05 PM | 440 Views
I flew yesterday at a contest held by the Flying Aces Club's Calumet Escadrille in Dyer, Indiana, at the Village's new Central Park complex. So far so good as a flying site. Not much obstruction, except for some soccer goals, and mown grass surface with only a few young trees. Plans for a pool and an athletic center building in the middle of the site might change that. Weather was hot, low 90's F, and the sun was strong with little wind. I flew my Anna Jr. again with a longest flight of 67 seconds after putting in 950 turns into the same motor I used at Muncie. Climb out from ROG was near vertical to a good altitude, helped by a light south wind. A soccer club showed up and planted their game in the middle of the field, but no problem, my Anna Jr. just flew up and over the game. The picture shows a Escadrille member's Embryo clawing for the sky in the same great air.

I also flew my No Cal TurboStallion from the Volare short kit. Some details of the build are on the Post Your Pictures Topic of the Free Flight Forum.


The Turbo Stallion was well balanced, with a good turn but not much climb. I used a single loop of 3/32 rubber and got 29 seconds for the longest flight, with lots of turns left at touchdown,
Posted by Choppahman8 | Yesterday @ 12:55 PM | 450 Views
Checking CG location on 3 different models. The CS - (straight leading edge). The original C-1 and the C-6. The "44" under the wing of the C-6 means the fuselage is 44cm like the original C-1. Some of the other C-1s were built with 40cm fuselages. 
Posted by unrauv | Yesterday @ 11:56 AM | 481 Views
I am updating the plans to take this motor:


I have extended the left and right fuselages 4 mm to take the new motors. I have also extent the gear mounts 5 mm to get them further ahead of the CG. (Tail dragger configuration)

I think it will scream with two of these and a 4 cell 1850 mah.

Plans are updated on website.
Posted by Superqooq | Yesterday @ 11:43 AM | 496 Views
Hi. I am new in this hobby. I have done all what is needed. My motors working when i turn up the master mode all the motors work. But when i try with my flysky i6 transmitter(binded correctly) it doesnt at all. No responding. What should i do?

Naze32 rev6
Receiver is on (light on)

Please help
Posted by CarManPhoto | Yesterday @ 11:17 AM | 509 Views
Today setup:
F450 frame
Turnigy Multistar MT2213-935KV
1045 props
ESC 20

DEVO-M flight controller APM 3.2.1
APM Power Module

Turnigy 6x FHSS transmitter
Turnigy FHSS XR7000 reciever

FPV: Eachine RC832 + Eachine ET200

still learning to fly
Posted by Choppahman8 | Yesterday @ 09:28 AM | 544 Views
Wiring of motors done. Waiting on FC board to arrive. After the motors are connected to the board, then I wire the lights. Battery is there for preliminary CG testing. The CG can be adjusted by the placement of the battery. This affects horizontal speed and aerobatic sensitivity.