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Posted by cmanley_nl | Jun 26, 2012 @ 02:43 AM | 4,730 Views
Tip Ring Ring Sleave (X=not used or unknown, G=ground, V=video, A=audio):

FPVJapan DVR: 2.5mm, X V G A
RC805: 2.5mm, X A V G
GoPro: 2.5mm, Ar Al V G
FatShark Aviator: 3.5mm, Al Ar V G
RC305, Dual5800 (Chinese): 3.5mm, Ar Al V G
Posted by cmanley_nl | Mar 06, 2011 @ 10:26 AM | 8,852 Views
I finished building this glider late last year and have finally had a chance to fly it.

There was no tow hook included in the kit, so I asked Art Hobby in Poland for one and they were kind enough to send me a nicely machined one for free. Later on I got my hands on an adjustable FVK tow hook (as used on AVA gliders) so I decided to use that instead even though it's really heavier than necessary.

I added 1 extra layer of glass to the wing center joint just to be sure since with this glider design, even though each wing panel is strengthened with carbon spars, there is no spar passing through both wing halves. It's just the skin and glass covering holding the halves together. I won't dare use a heavy winch launch with this wing.

I chose to cover the wings with Oracover film instead of the advised lacquer because I didn't think the visible glassed joints (and finger prints) would look good using lacquer, and because I wanted a high contrast and very visible colour scheme. The bottom of the wing is covered using Oralight transparent violet except for the tips which are yellow. The yellow colour is Oracover fluorescent yellow.

I chose Dymond D60 servos because of their supposed high voltage tolerance just in case I want to use a 2S lipo or A123 pack in the future.

I built the spoilers slightly shorter and slightly wider than according to the plans so that I could use my Dymond D60 servos. The servos are screwed down using one lug only. There other lug slides...Continue Reading