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Posted by Thumb_number | May 18, 2010 @ 07:09 AM | 5,548 Views
This thing gives up my true nature!

I'm a complete mess!!!!

My shrink says that's ok but........... So......items, dealing with the land based duties are listed:

A 5.5dBi Circular polarized patch, 8dBi linear patch, and the new edition of a home built 14 dBi Yagi plus the std 2.5 omni
Eagle Eyes.
Mr Pibbs AT with upgraded servos to drive the patch and Yagi around
BR3002 DVR as the main recorder
Aiptek DV M2 backup recorder.
All except the EE unit driven off a 8000mAh lead acid, EE has it's own 1800mAh 3s LiPo to stop ground related noise.
RV dual AV Rx, 2 x std Rx (4th Rx in the post from NGhobbies)

This set up has given me 1.6km out, video solid and 1km alt with a perfect picture, I can go lots further but I'm always second guessing my RC link, and not having RTH set up, don't want to push it and loose my plane.

I have OCD when it comes to my kitchen, sadly it doesn't extend to my ground station.....shame really
Posted by Thumb_number | May 18, 2010 @ 05:46 AM | 4,817 Views
Some of my slope toys:

Started way back with a modded Aerobird. Then played a bit with DIU's, finally moved up to a couple of bigger wings. Still learning slope, I'm lucky enough to have got to know some other slopers in Perth (off RCG) and they happily share their wealth of knowledge with the Noob!

Jazz 60 from CSP: Great trainer for back slope, I've had a ball with this wing. Thats why it looks so beat up. It's the 'chuck it in the car just in case the wind come up' wing.

Ritewing Slope Slicer 50: Another Ck creation. Mint.... absolutely mint! Since I finished this wing, Ive only had the opportunity to fly it twice. Both times I flew it to the death, until there was no lift left what so ever. It is that addictive to fly, it penertrates like a composite (not that I've ever had one, but compared to the Jazz 60.....)
Posted by Thumb_number | May 17, 2010 @ 10:13 PM | 4,854 Views
Low stuff, having fun.

Doing some range tests. *Pippindiny* to unlock

GoPro outting, trying to make a 'Trappy video'. I'm sure I'll get braver!
Posted by Thumb_number | May 17, 2010 @ 10:03 PM | 4,969 Views
The Ritewing Zephyr for FPV, details are:

After some not so successful attempts at FPV with some ARF gliders, namely a ST DG1000 (tragic end! ), and a ST 360 2.6m (still in one piece, but I don't like it), I found the need to move onto something designed to carry FPV gear and maintain some performance.

My first introduction to RitewingRC, never looked back. The current specs for the Zephyr I'm using are listed below:

Hacker A30/12m 9x6
Daulsky 40amp ESC (smaller than the Hacker 55, hope it doesn't cost me a plane)
Big, fat and heavey MGBB servos
A pair of TangRC 2200Mha3s 25c
ETV3, osdpro (sorry Trappy), baro Alt/Airspeed, GPS.
RV 500mW 900Mhz Tx
Sony 570 line cam (settled on after many different tests) and a GoPro if I feel like chewing up some battery
850mAh 3s for cam and VTx
Using Oracle diversity and Eagle Eyes, 8dBi patch, 5.5dBi CP, 14dBi Yagi.
MrPib's AT
Zitronix goggles (640x480 Love them) (IMHOaE, headplay sux)
BR3002 for GS recording, Aiptek DV M2 for backup and eliminating blue screen in goggles
36Mhz radio Tx / Rx modded to Trappy spec.
AUW minus camera (25-30gr) is 1.624Kg (57 oz)

The 9 x 6 is pushing 450Watts at full noise which is going to hurt the 12M so I show some restraint!

I love this plane!