Posted by unboxingexp | Today @ 12:49 PM | 69 Views
Built my own Larva-X HD using the Caddy Baby Turtle. wasn't that difficult to install, but there is a lot of wiring to do. I decided to put the nano VTX piggyback on the canopy cause there is not a lot of space.
How to install Caddx Baby Turtle in a Toothpick (Larva-X) (2 min 52 sec)

Posted by GroundControlRC | Today @ 12:03 PM | 90 Views

DustOff Flight #7 - Highly Modified Brushless Conversion WLToys F949 Cessna 182

Let's knock some of the Dust Off of this Micro Cessna.

Here is a link to the Video:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #Brushless #Conversion #Cessna #182 #WLToys #F949 #MODs

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

Here are links to all the Components used in the Brushless Conversion:

***Make sure you select a Receiver that supports your Transmitter Protocol - I chose this DSMX/DSM2 Receiver for my Transmitter
2.4G 4CH Micro Low Voltage DSM2 DSMX Compatible Receiver Built-in Brushed ESC

Racerstar Racing Edition BR1306 3100KV 1-2S Brushless Motor - Clockwise Screw Thread

HK-5320S Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 0.075kg / 0.09sec / 1.7g

Turnigy MultiStar Race Spec 7A BLHeli-S ESC 1~2s (Opto)

GWS EP Propeller (DD-4025 102x64mm) green (6pcs/set)

Pololu Adjustable Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S7V8A

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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Posted by drewdb | Today @ 08:30 AM | 178 Views
Still some more light blending needed but our pilot is sporting a new uniform and some new moves big chears from the back row.
Posted by BernardW | Today @ 07:53 AM | 175 Views
I hear that the bushfires in New South Wales now are at a point where several of the worst of them have combined into one gigantic "mega fire", of around 400,000 hectares, which is near as nothing to a *million* acres... that's not one large area that has some fire in it, that's a million acres that is burning. That's a serious conflagration. 680 homes destroyed, in NSW alone, this season so far. Even more shocking, 6 people dead already from it. What more is there to say about that?
I heard about the fires in California this year, they were especially bad. As you can imagine, we understand and sympathise about this type of fire. We've seen the devastation and known what it can mean to people, to families and communities. It's very difficult coming back from something like that, maybe hard than just going through it the first time.
So that million acres is the worst of the fires in ONE state. Last I heard recently there were large fires, many out of control, burning in FIVE states, and we've only got 6 plus a couple of territories (admittedly the Northern Territory is very big, bigger than some of our actual states). I live in Western Australia, the biggest state, and it IS a biggie. Right now big fires are raging in W.A. but not to the extent that they are in NSW or elsewhere, but there's nothing to stop them reaching that scale. It's happened before near here because Perth, where I live, is built on the edge of a forested area and the outskirts region we call &...Continue Reading
Posted by drewdb | Today @ 07:28 AM | 186 Views
Ok this is my Phoenix Female Pilot doing a bit of a belly dance to a tune I remixed. This was version 1 which took a day to render but Nagas has motivated me to make it more realistic so now we're talking over a week. That includes some rc flying time too
Daz3D Studio Belly Dance Animation (Drew Brown Remix) (3 min 41 sec)

Posted by jmxp69 | Today @ 04:13 AM | 236 Views
I got my hands on a Detrum 6C and took it for a spin...It has some very cool software features like built-in stabilizer configuration.

Detrum 6C Flight Testing and Configuration (34 min 4 sec)

Posted by drewdb | Today @ 01:45 AM | 290 Views
Messing with some lighting tests in order to redo my music video where i use this pilot who's not too bad on the eye.

Still not quite realistic enough but i'm sure you're all looking at the pic of me with my brand new FMS Futura EDF Jet
Posted by TRIKESTA | Yesterday @ 08:46 PM | 555 Views
Has anybody out there in " rc group land " ever get involved with replacing a blue led light on the " t switches " on the joystick box of the saitek x52 ? My number t3 is out. Does anybody have a " fix it manual "? Any help is always apreciated!
Thanks in advance,
mark " the trikesta "
Posted by drewdb | Yesterday @ 07:42 PM | 709 Views
For those who may remember, when I was building models for the Phoenix Simulator on RickP's thread, I always added a female Pilot.

Here's a more realistic rendering of her. Need to redo the video i did with this setting. will take about a week to render
Posted by Merch | Yesterday @ 05:36 PM | 1,014 Views
Eachine Mini F22 Raptor EPP 260mm Wingspan 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Airplane Trainer Warbird Fixed Wing RTF One Key Aerobatic for Beginner

Even tho i have yet to test the Eachine mini mustang i decided to order this too,very similar apart from the motor is at the back and maybe small enough to fly in my back area.

Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: Mini F22 Raptor
Version: RTF Gyro (Ready to fly with gyroscope)
Material: EPP
Wingspan: 260 mm (10.24 inches)
Length: 336 mm (14.17 inches)
Motor: 10mm coreless motor
Receiver: 2 in 1 integrated board
Servo: 2g plastic gear *3
Propeller: 2510
Battery: 1S 3.7V 360mAh LiPo
Flight Time: 14mins
Charging Time: 2.5 hours
Flying Weight: 60g
Package Weight: About 750g
Package Size (length x width x height): 37.5 x 12.5 x 29cm

- 2.4G 4CH ready to fly
- 6-axis Stabilizer System
- Fully Assembly
- Perfect for Beginner Practice

English Manual, Click Here

Package included:
1 x Eachine Mini F22 Raptor EPP 260mm Wingspan 2.4G RC Airplane RTF With...Continue Reading
Posted by jmxp69 | Yesterday @ 12:34 PM | 1,468 Views
I received some radios to review. This is the first look video covering three radios in the Detrum line-up along with a handful of receivers, stabilizers, and flight controllers.

First Look - Blitz DT-9, Gavin 6A and 6C, and more... (28 min 46 sec)

Posted by JureZ | Dec 08, 2019 @ 07:42 PM | 2,324 Views
here is one more for the collection of Frankenplanes

AUW 990g ,Wing Span 44" , Propeller MAS 10x8 , Motor BL15 , Battery 3S 40C 2200 mAh

Frankenstein Extra Trojan T 28 Movie (2 min 24 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | Dec 08, 2019 @ 06:40 PM | 2,380 Views
This is my unboxing for my new E-flite F-15 Eagle 64mm EDF Jet.

E-flite F-15 Eagle 64mm EDF Jet With AS3X & SAFE Select Unboxing (8 min 2 sec)

Review Notes for this Beginner EDF Jet:

- The paint scheme is nice and colorful
- It comes BNF Basic with very little setup required
- It is a RC Smart Jet thanks to optional SAFE Select
- Flies on popular 4S 2200s. Some say it will fly on smaller packs just fine too.

- You have to glue it
- Poor turning radius
- No rudders
Posted by drewdb | Dec 08, 2019 @ 04:26 PM | 2,599 Views
Better late than never. Thanks to Nagas for pointing this out.

I use to contribute 3D models to the Phoenix thread on here and here's a render of the best of what I produced during that time.

Now that I know I have this will have to add more later.
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Dec 08, 2019 @ 02:50 PM | 2,788 Views
Prowler Rover Ardupilot Build

I am in the process of building a Ardupilot based rover on my channel and here I will also post the videos as well as some of the other issues and progress I make on this project.


ServoCity Prowler Rover Chassie
Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2x32 DC Motor Controller
ProfiCNC/Hex Aero Cube Purple Autopilot
ProfiCNC/Hex Aero Herelink FPV RC System
GoPro Hero 7 Camera System
TFmini Plus Range Finder

Prowler Build Video Pt 1

New Prowler ArduRover Build Series - Pt1 Intro (2 min 54 sec)

Prowler Build Video Pt 2

...Continue Reading
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Dec 08, 2019 @ 02:35 PM | 2,720 Views
Below is all of my review and how-too videos on the DJI Digital FPV system, I will continue to update this as more are published.

Review Overview

DJI Digital FPV System - Complete Overview & Menu Walk Though (23 min 51 sec)


DJI Digital FPV System Force FCC Mode Hack

DJI Digital FPV System Force FCC Mode Hack (5 min 10 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by RCRT2018 | Dec 08, 2019 @ 01:53 PM | 2,694 Views
So I am new to this, so be easy with me. I have a Carbon Z 150 and was given a brand new Hitec camera. I would like to attach it to the airplane. I am just curious from one's that have done it. Where is the best place to mou t it and do I need to do anything special? Thanks in advance
Posted by jmxp69 | Dec 08, 2019 @ 12:47 PM | 2,735 Views
Ever get the feeling you should put the transmitter down and go sit in the peanut gallery the rest of the day?

How to NOT Fly Your RC Plane (10 min 49 sec)