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Posted by orfboy | Mar 16, 2013 @ 05:46 PM | 5,714 Views
So additional to the first entry is the upper plane decoration added tonight with the help as always of Ricky, I am hoping to get some comments on the finish as its a bit "out there "
Please let me know what you think love it or hate it, I love it but thats just me

Posted by orfboy | Mar 16, 2013 @ 12:00 PM | 5,171 Views
Ok second build running the batwing"

This one I am not so sure on and am being as ever guided by rcdata who has been an amazing and invaluable help with my Model flying hobby to date .
This model is being made from 9mm EPP and is such a simple design that we have no plans

The basic shape was drawn and cut and the repeated for symmetry
The model is 460mm total length and each half is 268mm wide however the dihedral makes the overall width 535mm the spar measures 440mm and the groove to insert was made using a solder iron and a screw head. I used epoxy to set the spar and have also used epoxy to fill the groove on the underside created by the dihedral .
The Elevator/Aileron flaps are 230mm wide and 50mm deep to give as much surface as possible and the Electrics at the moment are

Towerpro 9gm micro servo
emax 2812 motor
6x4 prop
Redbrick 20a speed controller
Spektrum AR6100 rx

Again any thought ideas or comments greatly welcomed
Posted by orfboy | Mar 16, 2013 @ 11:24 AM | 5,618 Views
Ok so I have finally got around to my first build, although technically its two builds side by side. The first is a simple Delta style Batwing for my son Lewis, a build I will chart under a separate entry and the second is my funbat being built from 6mm depron from scratch . The wingspan is 700mm, the wing is 200mm deep with an addition 12mm leading balsa edge, The second layer on the main wing is made of two pcs the first is 80mm wide and the second is 50mm wide and between the two is my 6mm spar which is 650mm wide

The overall body length is 540mm with an additional 60mm front section making the overall length 600mm the fuselage is 60mm wide and 560mm total length .
The wing angle back is 75 degrees and the tail is 250mm wide
The two ailerons are 25mm deep and 230mm wide and start 30mm in from the wing tip to give them some protection . The Elevator is again 25mm deep and 190mm wide allowing a 30mm cut in from the edge to keep the symmetry.
The tail sections are 100mm and rise to 90mm the shape came from an old shelf Bracket that RC Data let me have to use as a right angle, I just thought it looked kinda cool, I am also using bbq skewers to make the control rods as they are light and look really good ( thanks to Headless for the idea and to Ricky for passing it on to me) .

The Electrics are still a work in progress but the set up will be

2 x Towerpro 9gm servos
850 3 cell battery (maybe more ?)
Spektrum AR500 rx
emax CF2812 motor
7 x 6 prop

This is my first build so if there are bits I have missed please let me know , I will do more posts as the build progresses . th covering will start this evening and will post some pics of that as I go , please feel free to comment as all your thoughts will be welcome as will your tips and cheats

Thanks for reading
Posted by orfboy | Dec 26, 2012 @ 12:11 PM | 5,364 Views
So moving on from my last blog I have now moved up to a Spektrum DX6i which I love and joy on joy santa brought me a Hubsan x4 as my christmas pressie!!
My HD cap cam is on order and will hopefully be in my post box tomorrow (yeah right) so now the Turkey has been eaten and the family have slopped off home I can get down to the real fun of Christmas........playing with my new toys !!! yeaaaahh
Posted by orfboy | Oct 15, 2012 @ 03:08 AM | 5,795 Views
On a lovely crisp October Sunday morning I set off on my journey to become an accomplished RC flyer. I'd done a number of hours on the Sim and just watched my 9 year old perform admirably under the guidance of Andy 'headless' Horsman. What I didn't expect was magnetic trees ! oh yes the joy of watching my first trainer beautifully built from scratch by Andy hanging 30ft up a tree,
"no problem we'll just climb up and get it"
Now when it comes to heights I get vertigo with think socks on so the thought of climbing up...............gulp
Luckily thanks to Andy's skill with the controller she came gracefully back to earth with nothing more that a broken prop and a loose connection
As for Lewis and I
We can't wait for next week, bring it on !!

Special thanks to Ricky for all his help so far , John for the amazingly generous donation of my wot 4 and Andy who along with everyone else has shown amazing support and friendship.

Keep watching the skies
(Well mainly the trees!!!)