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Posted by builderdude | May 16, 2015 @ 11:27 AM | 9,465 Views
I have started experimenting with inexpensive depron as a new building material.
My first attempt is nothing more than dollar tree foamboard.
It was my interpretation of Charlie Fite's UberPfeil, which I just called an Arrow.
His had a flat panel wing and had various EDF powering options.
I went with a pusher outrunner.

The darn thing flies like a paper airplane. And looks like one in the air too.
It's got an excellent wing loading and I don't think it even weighs a pound. It took all of a weekend to build. The airfoil isn't from built-up ribs. I used a strip of balsa as both a spar and to create an airfoil once the foamboard was glued to the top. All the leading and trailing edges are balsa, so that I could sand for better streamlining.
Wing span is 32"

The second plane is a depron version of my balsa Baby Gryphon.
The airfoil on this one IS made up of ribs, also cut out of 3 mm depron. It too has leading and trailing edges in balsa for streamlining. The construction is very similar to the balsa version, but only took one day to build.
It hasn't maidened yet because the motor has a broken wire and needs to be replaced. But the balsa version flew beautifully. Really fast and really aerobatic.
Wing span is 24"