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Posted by gavoss | Dec 08, 2010 @ 12:51 PM | 11,697 Views
Since many of you have blogs, I thought I'd fill mine out so you can know a little bit about me. I was born in SoCal in 59, making me 52 as of this writing. I flew competitive FF to start and my best finish was a 2nd at the USFFC in Taft in the mid 70's. I joined the USAF in 77 and was sent to Oklahoma City to work on AWACS as a jet mech. I got out 4 years later and worked for the DOD until 94 when I had to take a medical retirement. I'm a 100% disabled vet due to severe back problems.

I'm married and have 2 lovely children and 4 grand kids. If you do the math you'll see I'm pretty young to have a 14 year old grand daughter. My wife is 5 years older than me and had 2 kids when I married her 29 years ago and that's how I have grand kids that old.

My current interests are both slope and thermal. Our slope is small compared to many at 165' tall and 100 yards wide. This limits us to about 100" sailplanes on the slope. The good thing is our summer winds are usually 25-40 so we can fly PSS which is my favorite slope flying. I am a better builder than flyer and I enjoy building and detailing PSS models. We only have one other person in the state that likes to fly slope and fortunately for me he lives in Norman, 15 miles away. Mark, Cycle1 and I have been friends a long time and he and I try to get to fly slope as often as possible.

I also fly thermal and electrics. I'm currently flying an Icon, Espada RL and a Sharon. I've got an Espadita on the board...Continue Reading