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Posted by RNAF | Mar 21, 2014 @ 08:53 AM | 9,561 Views
It's been many, many years since I bought the kit. Due to lack of time the project was on hold. Now I can report it's flying!

The first blog is here.

Flight video of 2012 (set-up flight, simillar setup as below but 10S 5.000mA) located here
Back then two flights were made, this week the fourth flight of this machine was logged.

Hardware Setup:
BEC. Turnigy 15A UBEC
ESC. Kontronik Jive 60+ HV
Motor. Scorpion 4035-560
Gyro. GY-520
Servos. DS821 throughout
Receiver. AR7100 with satellite

Battery, motor. Two 5S packs 3700mA 25C (Zippy Compact). Connected in series
Battery, controls. 2S1P 800mA

Blades, main. Vario 660mm "s-schlag" semi-symmetrical. 1,5 Meter rotordiameter.
Blades, tail. Originals

Gearing, first stage. 28T on motor, 55T on gearbox (reduction is 55/28 = 1.96:1)
Gearing, second stage. 10T on first stage 55T shaft, 40T on main rotor shaft gear (reduction is 40/10 = 4:1)
Effective reduction: 4 * 1.96 = 7.86:1

Motor mount. Original red anodized motor mount, drilled additional holes so the Scorpion would fit.
Carbon battery mounts. 1.5mm Carbon plate on left and right on mechanics to support the batteries.

Software Setup:
No expo or travel adjustments except to ensure parallel swash travel when collective input is given.

Travel adjust to ensure -2 and +9 pitch as per Vario manual.

Tail rotor:
75% gain (AVCS).
Expo and further throw settings as per GY-520 manual.

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Posted by RNAF | May 17, 2009 @ 11:24 AM | 12,444 Views
Hey guys, here's a little update about the Jungmeister.
In the meanwhile I've flown for over two hours and I've been very pleased with the way it flies. It was my first model plane ever and it actually was the wrong choice. It's quite a handful and needs ailerons. Per accident I made a sustained knife edge (Steep 90 degree turn while giving full opposite rudder and pushing the elevator down).

The current setup is as follows:
-Hextronik "24 gr." 1300KV outrunner. A.k.a. "Blue Wonder".
-Hextronik HXT10, 10A ESC less heatsinks and shrinkwrap: 12 gr.
-APC Slowfly prop, 10x4.7 (better thrust than the 9x4.7, must be the big cowling)
-Two GWS Pico servos, 6,5-6.7 gr.
-Spektrum AR6100, 3,5 gr. less casing.
-2S1P 800mA or 2S1P 500mA (as in the pictures). I preferably only fly with the 800mA batteries, perfect balance between weight and flight time.

I'm looking for some improvements already, though. A Turnigy 6A ESC would be nicer, since it weighs much less. Also, this brushless motor is nice but it's too hard to mount if you don't mount it to a firewall. Reversing the shaft is not a good thing for the motor, pretty much everything is press-fitted. Now I'm looking for a different style motor, or just another solution. The way the motor is installed now gives problems, since the wires from the motor touch the motor's bell.

Below are quite a few pictures. Hope you enjoy 'm!

Edit: see the video below
Robbe Bücker Jungmeister (3 min 40 sec)

Posted by RNAF | Mar 07, 2009 @ 09:08 AM | 13,016 Views
Here's my new catch! A Bücker Jungmeister parkflier from Robbe!

This model here is the first R/C aircraft I ever owned. I learned to fly this one somewhere around 2001-2002. Back then parkfliers where relatively new and the hype was starting. Mainly because it became pretty cheap for those days.
Now Robbe doesn't make these anymore I just had to get me one, once again! Too bad that I couldn't find one anywhere in Europe. After looking all over the internet I figured that they might have one in my LHS They had one left Although it had been damaged a little (some paint gone due to packing tape), I still needed to get me one and managed to get a discount

Although I just wanted to get me this kit for later, I quickly decided to make it fly anywhere near the next few weeks, since better weather is coming around the corner.

Here's how it will be set up:
2x Spektrum DSP60 (6.75gr + normal JST)
1x Spektrum AR6300 RX (3.2 gr without casing)
1x Turnigy Plush 10A ESC (9 gr as stated by HobbyCity)
1x Turnigy 2204-14T Brushless motor (20 gr)
1x Turnigy Cherry wood 9x4 prop (7(?) gr)
1x Kokam 2S1P 360mA battery (21.7 gr)

With these parts the all up weight should be around 220-230 grams, in comparison to my original 360 grams some 7 years ago, that's nothing

Major weight savings come from the fact that the electronics are about 112 grams lighter, but also some parts will be left away:
No battery compartment: -8,7 gr.
No servo tray: -5,35 gr.
No stock control rods: -6 gr.
No gearbox: -14,10(!) gr.
Total weight savings here: 34.15 gram

Some weight will be added, though, since I'm planning to glass the inside of the cowling with one or two layers of 25gr/m² glass cloth. The cowling really is the weakest part of the whole plane.

Check the pictures below the of the model. Completely unassembled, since I'll be waiting for the motor, electric speed controller and prop..
Posted by RNAF | Feb 09, 2009 @ 05:19 AM | 11,955 Views
Last Saturday I went to the hobbyshop to finally buy a new charger. It chose the Graupner Ultramat 17 mainly because of the ease of use. Esspecially in regard to input possibilities. It's nice to be able to charge at home (230 Volts here) and if necessary from a car battery.
The only downside to this charger is that it only delivers 120 Watts during charging. Because I hope to get 15 minutes of flight from the Zippy Flightmax 5S1P 5.000mA 15C I don't mind waiting a bit less than two hours for the next flight. The price of two sets of lipo packs kind of offsets the advantage of a quicker charge with a much more expensive charger. Lithium Polymers simply can't be safely charged at <1C so a one hour charge is minimal anyway. The slower charging should contribute to a longer battery life, too.

I hope to have the batteries in about two weeks, then there's still the motor left to choose and buy. The Dutch champion F3C gave me the advice to get the Scorpion 4035-500 if I wanted duration flight and <1500 RPM in any flightmode.
Then I made some simple calculations and after counting the teeth on the main gear of the Silence (55 teeth in my case) I decided to go with the 28 teeth pinion supplied in the kit. This gives (55/28) * 4 = 7.86 : 1 gear ratio.
Posted by RNAF | Jan 25, 2009 @ 01:49 PM | 16,285 Views
I've always wanted a Vario helicopter, just because the quality is real great. I esspecially love the fact that there is a wide range of scale fuselages for sale that fit the mechanics.
The price of these helicopters is way too high, at least, for me. Luckily I found a second hand, unbuilt Vario Silence. When I went over to look at it, I knew it was a Skyfox. After some more research I found out that this is the first official electric helicopter at this size by Vario.
If you would compare it to other Vario copters today, it's pretty much the same as the Vario Kobold.

So far I've got an AR7000, DS821's and a Kontronik Jazz 55 installed.
I'm planning on fitting a Scorpion 4035-560, Futaba GY-520 gyro and two Zippy 5S1P 4400's.

I'm hoping to this get this great copter in the air within 1-2 months from now.

Enjoy the pictures