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Posted by farquward | Nov 21, 2015 @ 02:09 PM | 8,372 Views
11/21/2015. Saw someone else do this and thought it looked good so why not. Picked up the shell and rotors off E Bay for not much cash. Started the mods to the shell to allow the 120 to squeeze in. Also found a paint scheme, U.S. Coast Guard.

11/22/2015. Pulled the included tail motor out, this has to be replaced with a motor for the 120. Cut the shell for linkage clearance and masked for primer. I have a new tail motor and an old boom for wire connectors. There's a battery tray in the shell that had to come out. As it was glued in I was a little reluctant to try to pull it out, but Steve_O said it's easy to remove. Thanks for the advice Steve_O.

If you're doing this one and plan on removing the ESky stickers, don't use goof off. I tried that on the battery holder I removed and it's just too strong. What did work was lighter fluid. With any luck this should get a coat or two of primer today. As this is supposed to be the last nice day for awhile, going to try to get a motorbike ride in. My super motard is feeling neglected.

11/27/2015. Managed to get this primed and a couple of coats of white. Something happened on the last coat, got a run. Haven't had that in quite some time. Haven't decided if it's ok as is, or to try to sand it out. I'm thinking it's ok and will most likely just go ahead with the red.

12/1/2015. Did the final masking and painted the red. Looking real good, however did have a little of the white come off with the masking....Continue Reading