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Posted by monboy10 | Jul 28, 2008 @ 12:18 PM | 3,237 Views
hi sorry i haven't posted a blog entry for a while. one week i went to a camp and i had tons of fun there i made new friends and had a ton of fun. i have also got the rest of the stuff i neaded to complete my rc gravel hound. so i got going and drove it for one day and it drove fine but then on the second dayi was driving near a little spash pool thing with a bit of water in it but it had perfect sides for jumping. so i jumped around the sides for a little while the i went to drive off of the cment pad into the grass. i wasn't very close to the car so i didn't see this hole and even worse yet the hole was filled with water so the car wet in the hole then i ran up to it a nd saw that the hole was filled with water. so then i ran home as fast as i could and wile i was running i disconected the batery. then wen i got home i queckly got a towel and tried to dry it off. then a couple days after this happend i tried to get it going again but it didn't work then i tested the reciver with another servo and it worked also the other servo worket too so the rx and servo are fine but the speed controll isn't working and i am not sure if the motor is still fine but i think that it is.with the speed controler it has a atommatic short shut off witch needs to be reset manuly so i am going to try to do that. also i have been helping my grandpa at the farm cutting grass and helping and stuff like that. i also went to a town that just moved from in january to hang out with some old friends and to pick up our trampaline that we left there because it was frosen to the ground ind the winter we just got back last night.then we went to my gradpas a picket some of the peas and rasberys then we shelled the peas and made rasbery jam with the rasberrys we picket 3 icecream pales full and there are still a lot more to pick so today i am going overto my grandpas to pick some more.
Posted by monboy10 | Jul 09, 2008 @ 10:51 PM | 2,771 Views
hi just got back from 2 launches. i launched my rocket with my mom,little sister, grandpa,little sisters friend, and little sisters frends mom. it was perfect launching condisions all day but i was busy and wated untill after supper. bad idea the wind picked up just a bit and it started to spit but i decided to launch anyway. so i went over to the fair grounds and went into the office to ask the guy if i could launch a rocket the he asked how big the rocket was then said it small the he asked if it would start a fire and i said no it wount start a fire so he let me launch it. i launched my alpha3 twice ones on a a83 and one on a b44. i tried to laungh the a83 first so got the rocket ready and hokked it all up then counted down and pressed and held the buttion for more than 15 seconds and wooosh just kidding nothing happened. so then i tried again with a different ignitor and again nothing. so then i tried some different batteries with the same ignitor counted down and.....WWHHOOSSHH it launched. that was the rockets second launch and also the second time i launched a rocket other than at the camp that i go to in the summer. the place where i was launching was surrounded by a barbwire fence luckly the rocket styed inside the fence. so i went and got it then i took it back to the launch pad and got it ready for another flight this time using a b44. so i counted down and pressed and held the button and it launched it went very high i ran after it but it went over the fence. lucky my gandpa knew a way to get around the fence so i went and got it. i had a great time . i also have some questions. with my shock cord near the mout it is a bit frayed is that ok if not what can i do to fix it the other question i have is is it normal for the recovery wadding to launch out of the rochet or dose it even matter and if it isn't ok for it to come out how can i stop it from goming out
Posted by monboy10 | Jul 08, 2008 @ 09:02 AM | 2,830 Views
i have built every tning on my gravel hound that i can without the electronics an i built it all in 3 days i have the diffs done the drive system done the motor put in the whole drivetrain is done the shocks and stuff like that is done the wheels are put on and the boudy is cut out that is all i can doo untill i get the servo rx tx i think i mught just leave the body clear but still put the decals on because in the place i live there anr no hobby shops so i cant just walk down town and but some pait and stuff for it but would spray paint work? the reason i don't want to order it off of the internet is because if i do i will order it from tower hobbies in the us i live in canada and a tower hobbies it cant be shipped by air so i dont think i am going to buy it i think all i am goung to buy is the electronics and some grease and a heatsink for the motor and a alumnum proppeller shaft
Posted by monboy10 | Jul 04, 2008 @ 06:29 PM | 2,890 Views
my gravle hound and charger have finley arived i have been wating for 3 weeks and i thought it was going to be here next week but i guse i was wrong it came today but i still have to build it and save up some more money to buy some electronics,pait,and mabey even shock oil for it i allready have 1 batt. it came with a speed controll so thats good i have found some electronics at tower hobbies and they are pretty cheap i am shure i can also get the paint and the shock oil if i need it from tower hobbies it should take about i moth of cutting grass and delivering pappers to get the amout of money that i need to buy all of the stuff but untill them i will be enjoying summer and building my gravel hound
Posted by monboy10 | Jul 04, 2008 @ 11:02 AM | 2,883 Views
i have been interested in robots for a couple of years but i was never able to get a robot mostly because they cost so much and are realy complex but i have been looking at a kit called the monster hexpod walker and the boe bot i found the robots by this thread withch had a link that took me to a blog were there was a review of the monster hexpod walker and then near the bottom of the page there was a robot that used a tamiya track system and it had a link to the boe bot in it's text i want to get the boe bot because it has no sodering and it comes with everthing that i need to buld and program it and it also tells how to make it do diffent things by puting on different sensores and putting them at different angles it also tells how to program it and also the kit is pretty cheap it is only about $150
Posted by monboy10 | Jul 03, 2008 @ 10:51 AM | 2,846 Views
well i have been wating for 3 weeks for my gravle houd and vision peak2 charger and it should be here next week but next week i am going to camp and after camp i am busy for a couple of days besacse the fair is goming to town then if the winds and calm i will probly be launching modle rockets because one of the things i chose at camp was modle rocketry
Posted by monboy10 | Jul 01, 2008 @ 05:52 PM | 2,541 Views
for all of you from Canada like me HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!