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Dear Fan,

The first heat in 2021 comes from our upgrade version of C4, C4 will be replaced with this new model C4 EVO, .
C4 EVO, which will be launched on March in the market. C4 EVO recommended can support both QC and PD protocol, and it is with USB C port that can be also compatible with different adapters. and suitable for more measurements of cylindrical batteries. It supports simultaneous charging for 4 AA batteries or 4 AAA batteries, and the maximum size of the horizontal slot supports up to 26700 battery.

Here is the specifications:
Model: C4 EVO
Battery Count: 1~4Cylindrical battery
Battery Size: AAA,AA,10440,10500,12500,13500,14500,
Support battery type: Li-Lon, LiFe, LiHv,NiMH, NiZn, Eneloop
Operating Voltage Range: 5~12V(Support QC, PD protocol)
Charge Current Range: 0.1~3.0A(Horizontal),0。1~1.5A(Vertical)
Discharge Current Range: 0.1~1.5A(Horizontal),0.1~1.0A(Vertical)
Operation Modes: Charge, Discharge, Store, Destroy, Cycle, Activate, Analyze
Display: 320240 IPS LCD
Beep Sound: Multi-tone
Temperature Sensors: 6 for inner
Working temperature: 0~40℃
Voltage Measurement: 10mV
Current Measurement: 10mA
Standby Current Drain: <0.05mA/battery
External Ports: USB power output(Type-C)
Firmware Update: Support
Reverse Polarity Protection: Vertical physical anti-reverse connection,
horizontal hardware anti-reverse connection
Overheating Protection: Support
Overcapacity protection: Support

More details please see our website:

Thanks for your attentions.

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Bought an RX in classifieds and all I got was this empty envelope. Can't share images through messages so posting here until this gets resolved.
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Sikorsky XSS: in the 1920s, the US Navy had taken to keeping reconnaissance airplanes readily available on cruisers and battleships. The airplanes would be launched from a catapult and then landed in the water next to the ship after their flight and craned back onboard. However the Navy was discouraged with the fact that these airplanes couldnt be operated off land without the swap of a landing gear. The solution they seeked was an amphibious airplane. The subsequent contract was offered to three companies, Great Lakes Aircraft, Cleveland and Leoning Aeronautical. Leoning Aeronautical was headed up at the time by Igor Sikorsky. An eager engineer who worked for Sikorsky, named Sky Kleinhans, decided to take on the challenge himself. The resulting airplane built by Sikorsky Aircraft was the XSS, powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1340 of 550hp. The XSS was a gull winged monoplane tail dragger with the engine mounted on pylons over the floating hull fuselage. It had a retractable landing gear with 30X5 tall wheels so that as requested it could be landed on land or the gear could be retracted for water or catapult operations. Meeting the last requirement for the contract, the XSS had folding wings for storage inside ships. The XXS was presented to the Navy in 1933 along with the entries from Great Lakes and Loening however none of the three of them proved to be what the Navy was looking for. The XSS did prove to be faster and better climbing than its competitors, however it was also extremely difficult to fly. Sadly no more of the XSS amphibs were produced and the one and only XSS was scrapped for parts in December of 1933.
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And a new toy today..20" hot wire bow...had everything except the spring.....wire is a light gauge B string

1/2" aluminum channel frame with 3/8" spruce fillers ,
1/2" sq oak dowel spreader with 1/2x1/16 flat bar stiffeners and pivot
and a whole passel of SM screws
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Slowing down to walking speed when going up hills or into the wind is so horrible, something must be done about the torque. The mane options are bigger motors, higher voltage, or smaller tires.

New batteries would require writing off the old batteries. Batteries are going up in price, on account of tariffs. Now that the election is over, Biden is not going to undo the tariffs. Based on bench tests, higher voltage wouldn't give a significant increase in torque.

New motors are also going up in price, but the most promising ones are PROPDRIVE 5060. Higher diameters go up in price exponentially.
There are no affordable motors that would give the equivalent of a linear motor right next to a 110mm tire diameter.

The cheapest option is using smaller tires & redesigning the chassis. As long as the stationary material joining the tires to the chassis is narrow, a ship with small tires can actually avoid tall obstacles. The rotating part just has to cover as much of the motor as possible, with the connection between the motor & the chassis being as narrow as possible. The chassis would have to get wider again. Maybe it could be partly a tube structure to save on material.

There's still the problem of the hall effect sensors requiring a lot of horizontal space. Structural redesign could shave a few mm off the sensor. The 5060 motor is just the equivalent of making the tire radius 8mm smaller, based on the torque equation.

The solution to the battery door flying open was revealed by a piece of plywood. It just needs a small handle.
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I've update the build log to my Willy Nillies - Gentle Lady 250. The work is coming along.
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Back to helicopters! I got bored with my quads so after 13 years I recently bought an E 160 heli after looking at this Painless video.

It must be the worldwide lockdown that has a lot of folks fiddling with their hobby again.
So did I . I still have a case of old 450 parts laying around and about 4 old frames so I thought I'll do it cheap.

In the end I bought a Garrt 450L frame, a ALZRC FBL Head and tailpiece, four aluminiun servo's and some small parts.

So I ended up with this beauty. Look at that Monster canopy I could not let go so bought that too. Now I have to maiden it but it is terrible weather outside.

It was the Eachine 160 that got me back to heli flying again.

Still don't know what I like more: The flying or the endless fixing and fiddling after a crash.
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Halloa FPV people

so yep.. the Nebula v1 & v2 didn't set the world on fire.. did they I have a few, and they will probably stay in the parts bin forever :P
Is the new "pro" version a lot better then? People say it is! :O

Link to it: Caddx Nebula Pro kit

And... what does DutchRC say??? :P

Caddx Nebula Pro - Budget DJI Digital Setup (?) (15 min 10 sec)

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Get One Here: XK A160 J3 Skylark Cub RTF

XK A160 J3 Skylark Cub 3D/6G 650mm RTF - Manual Mode Conversion & New Power System, It's Awesome!

RadioMaster TX16S Transmitter

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

Conversion Components:

Racerstar Racing Edition 1407 BR1407 3500KV 2-3S Brushless Motor Red

10pcs Gemfan 6030 ABS Direct Drive Orange Propeller

**The ESC I used is the Turnigy Plush 10A ESC (it is not available anymore)
**The one I have listed below is one I've used before and performs well.
**You could try this Motor & Prop with the Stock ESC as it's only pulling approx. 6amps at Full Throttle in the air.

RW.RC 10A Brushless ESC 5V1A BEC 2S 3S

**I used the Servos listed below but I think 2g Digital Servos would be fine and would save some weight
**I just used (2) of these for the Rudder and Elevator, the Main Wing Servos are Stock

Emax ES9251Ⅱ Upgrade Version 2.5g Plastic Micro Digital Servo

***I used a lightweight 6CH DSM2 Receiver so make sure you use a Receiver that matches your Transmitter Protocol
***A 4CH...Continue Reading
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Shocks assembled on my Tamiya Neo Scorcher TT-02b!
Looks cool already!

More here
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Yep Les Amis,
Il porte bien son nom ! J'ai en test aujourd'hui le petit dernier de chez Eachine, le CineFun. Un petit whoop de 38g qui embarque une camra HD, Loris ou Runcam au choix, qui vous permettra de vous initier ou de capturer de belles cinmatiques, dans des endroits exigus, sans danger pour les autres ! Trs agile et simple piloter basse vitesse, et suffisamment puissant pour permettre quelques figures de freestyle en extrieur. Bien quip et bien tun en sortie de boite, en bref, un excellent petit engin selon moi !... Bon Film et merci tous pour votre soutien .

Eachine Cinefun HD 1S CRAZYBEEX - Review Test Démo - L'envol du pigeon ! (30 min 4 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17.5/20 Mini Cinmatique !!!

Les + : Bonnes images HD, Retour FPV correct, Souple et trs maniable, Autonomie correcte.
Les - : Pas de reproches pour le moment, peut tre juste un peu moins cher pour tre un top !

Banggood :
Coupon de 10 de remise pour le 1er qui commandera ! BGDCF
- Eachine Cinefun (vente flash) :
- Carte CrazybeeX :
Whoop quips de la mme carte de vol moins cher (pas HD) :
- URUAV UZ85 (coupon BG11WHOOP) :
- Eachine US65 ( coupon BGXMSUS65V2 ) :
Chargeur utilis :
- ToolkitRC M4Q XT30/XT60 :
Pas convaincu ! :
- Geelang WASP V2 :

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A new approach to bring low cost antenna tracking to standard flight controllers used for iNav and Betaflight without the need for any additional hardware on the aircraft.
It also supports all other FCs that use minim hardware with MWOSD 2.0.

We have been flying with this tracking method for a couple of years as a side project and the design has now evolved to the point of exceeding the performance of other commercial trackers we were using so have decided to release it as a kit for those who are interested and also have access to 3D printing facilities.

Name: Dummy.jpg
Views: 1
Size: 31.0 KB

Key points:
Low cost DIY antenna tracker
No extra hardware required each aircraft
No extra hardware or modules required for TX
Simple and reliable tracking
Ultra-fast position updating up to 30 hz

Supported GPS enabled flight control systems:
iNav all max7456 compatible FC
Betaflight all max7456 compatible FC
Ardupilot / PX4 /KISS / MULTIWII and other FC using external minim OSD running MWOSD
GPS standalone OSD using MWOSD on minim hardware

Works with standard FC boards running 7456 OSD IC and running iNav or Betaflight
o FC only requires updated firmware to support tracking
o No additional hardware required
Does not require Bluetooth / Wifi modules or adapters.
o Not impacted by 2.4G RC tx
o Not impacted by 2.4G Video tx
o Does not impact 2.4G RC rx.
Does not require modules on each aircraft
o Significant cost saving. No additional expense for adding extra
...Continue Reading
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Hi,Hope you all are doing great.

Are you ready for the beast servo? We are glad to bring you the first new product at 2021.
It is the 4S / 16.8V high voltage servo, and it has 66kg monster torque at 16.8V.
Size:40*20*41.5mm (1.57*0.78*1.63in)
Operating Voltage: 7.4-17V
Fully CNC Aluminum Case / IP67 Waterproof / Magnetic Sensor
Brushless motor /Three Ball Bearing / Steel Gears
Neat wire connection of its 4pin wear-resistant wire
Very strong and solid construction, and it is ideal for 1/10, 1/8 scale cars, boats, airplane, even medical equipment and robot parts.

Name: A86BUMW-BANNER1.jpg
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Size: 717.9 KB

As a new generation of AGFrc servo, this 4S digital servo features 66kg-cm ultra torque, 0.100sec lightning Speed, and 4S lipo battery directly high voltage application. Fully upgrade the servo cable to 4pin wear-resistant wire, neat wiring and much more reliable for driving. Enhance the heat dissipation design, so that we can ensure the brushless motor can work well. With smooth operation, incredible efficiency, and low power consumption, make it a perfect match for those who demand the very best for their 1/8, 1/10 Crawler Cars, Truggy, Buggy, on or off road application.

* High Precision Japan Fanuc CNC Machined Cooling Case
* 16.8V Wide Voltage Special Design for 4s LiPo Operation
* Smoother 3 Ball Bearings and Robust Steel Gears
* High Accuracy Magnetic Sensor Waterproof IP67
* Good Performance Long Life Span Brushless Motor
* Fully Upgraded 4PIN Wear-Resistant Wire
* Superior
...Continue Reading
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I hosted an OpenTx Classroom Live today. It was well attended and we covered a great deal of information and handled questions from the crowd.
OpenTx Class • Come and Learn About OpenTx • Bring Questions! (2 hr 27 min 43 sec)

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YANGDA VTOL Drone For Long Range Package Delivery (3 min 30 sec)

YANGDA VTOL drone was carrying out a package delivery mission like this: it took off with the package, flew to the delivery point, and landed there. At the delivery point, the operator will take the package out and press a button on the VTOL to enable it to fly back to the take-off point. The whole process was totally in autonomy.

Or the delivery VTOL drone can do it like this: lands on the delivery point, releases the package and then flies back to the take-off point.
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I think i've found a complete solution for all my/your wiring harness problems regarding flight controllers, 4-in-1 esc's and FPV camera's.

I've ordered these two sets. One has 1mm spacing between the pins, the other 1.25mm. Hopefully this solves all my problems regarding custom harnesses, losing spare cables in 'the pile' and becoming frustrated after burning up another camera.
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Hi There,
My Sinbad Glider is now covered and ready to fly! Covered with Superite Fabric! 94" Hacker Brushless motor!
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Jan 26, 2021 @ 09:44 PM | 2,831 Views
New body for my ZD-Racing ZMT-10 Rebuild!
I'm going to paint it with Tamiya PS-46 (Iridescent purple/green)!
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Hello Gemfan Friends!

Today we want to show you the installation steps to enjoy your GEMFAN Moonlight LED Props .

GEMFAN MOONLIGHT LED Props Installation Steps (2 min 33 sec)