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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Today @ 01:32 AM | 52 Views
The new Caddx Turtles is available now at Hobbycool for $59


Here's the blurb:

FPV HD camera,1080P/60fps, High Quality Recording,d Autosave on unplug. Large aperture and wide angle aspheric Lens

Model: Turtle
Image Sensor: 1/2.7 CMOS Sensor
Horizontal Resolution: 800TVL
Video Resolution: 1080P@60fps / 720@60fps
FOV Angle of Field: FPV FOV 155o / Recording FOV 170o
TV System: NTSC/PAL (changeable)
Image Resolution: 2 Megapixels
Min. Illumination: 0.1LUX
Lens: Full Size Turbo Eye Lens
WDR: Super WDR
OSD Menu: Yes (Support Voltage Display)
Video Files: MOV
Electronic Shutter: PAL: 1/50~100,000; NTSC: 1/60~100,000
Real-time Audio Output: Yes
S/N Ratio: >60dB (AGC OFF)
Video Output: CVBS
SD Card Supported: 8G-64GB (need Class 10 or above, recommend Class 10/UHS-I/UHS-II)
Dimensions: 28*29mm / Camera 19*19mm (installed with 20*20mm, expand to 30*30mm )
Power Input: DC 4.5-20V
Working Current: 380mA @5V/160mA @12V (low consumption)
Work Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Weight: 12g

Package Included
1 x Caddx Turtles Camera
1 x 5D-OSD Menu Board
1 x 4pin FPV Silicon Cable (extend into a 2pin joint for OSD board and a 3pin joint for FPV)
1 x Screw Set
1 x Adapter Board
1 x Manual
Posted by alex111 | Today @ 01:11 AM | 58 Views
One of my tug boats
Posted by Andrey_Rakhmanov | Yesterday @ 04:47 PM | 267 Views
I usually write posts in Russian for www.rc-aviation.ru. Now I decided to start mirror publications in English here . I am placing below links to old rc-aviation articles - if someone needs to translate them in English - translate.google.com does good job here.

Latest version specifics - Arlequin III http://rc-aviation.ru/make-model/pho...95-arlekin-iii
Previous version (review)- http://rc-aviation.ru/make-model/108...i/1886-arlekin
Previous version (building) - http://rc-aviation.ru/make-model/pho...n-izgotovlenie
Previous version (pre-flight tuning) http://rc-aviation.ru/make-model/108...ekin-nastroika
2 engine signal mixer building and programming - http://rc-aviation.ru/mtech/komp/181...uino-micro-pro
Posted by Thomas B. | Yesterday @ 03:45 PM | 321 Views
Here is my pseudo scale Sikorsky S39. All 6mm Depron and Skewers. 80cm span, 300g. KFm2 wing. Great fun to fly.
Sikorsky S39 Wasser und Land/ Sikorsky S39 on water and land (3 min 7 sec)

Posted by ivordel | Yesterday @ 03:06 PM | 395 Views
In a confined space, despite ground effect, seems stable. Will fine tune pids anon.

Undefined: Maiden indoor hover (1 min 16 sec)

Posted by mwhidden | Yesterday @ 01:49 PM | 487 Views
After shaping the canopy in the lats episode, I installed the dowel in the nose of the canopy and drilled the hole in the firewall to accept the dowel. This holds the front of the canopy down. Horizontal balsa rods wedge the canopy into the fuselage to prevent left/right movement, and a rotating tab locks the rear of the canopy down. It all works well without Monokote, but I'm a little nervous if it will all fit so nicely when all the parts are larger by the thickness of the Monokote.

I started fitting the servos so I can get the pushrods assembled and measured, and I put new wires and connectors on an ESC from another plane, which I'm hoping to reuse.

I put the bevel on the elevator. The elevator is hinged on the stabilizer with a strip of Monokote on the top, so the trailing edge of the stab stays straight, and the elevator is beveled on the bottom, giving a smooth top surface to the empennage.
Posted by KatrinaRosen | Yesterday @ 09:17 AM | 578 Views
A drone flies dangerously close to an A380 during take off. The video shows an Airbus A380 taking off from the Plaine Magnien Airport located on the Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean. The A380 is the largest commercial airliner in the world and can carry more than 500 passengers in a typical three class seat configuration and up to 850 passengers in a densified all-economy cabin version. As the jumbo jet takes off from the runway 14, the prepositioned drone films the plane passing dangerously close at about 300 feet from the tip of the left wing. The airliner belongs to the Dubai-based company Emirates. It seems to be the 4:35 p.m. flight EK702 on regular schedule to Dubai airport.
Posted by kydawg1 | Yesterday @ 08:54 AM | 586 Views
Posted by FeiJi | Jul 19, 2018 @ 09:13 PM | 819 Views
Not quite finished, needs a couple of hatches made but it is functional and ready for maiden which I could do tomorrow but will probably wait to get a headmount for my phone camera to take videos. CG is back about 23 cm and had to use a little ballast to get it to balance. Could use a much heavier motor and/or battery with more thrust - this little motor gives about 1:1 but the lift should be awesome as the AUW is 340 grams. I added some tape covered skids on bottom to protect fragile leading edges and to keep motor mount from digging into ground.

If it flies nice I might try faster prop rather than this slowfly prop, and add a rudder with 5g servo. Also could go with a bigger motor.

Excited to fly it but am thinking about my next project already which will be a scratchbuilt hotliner using same 5mm epp foam and fishing pole tubes and just elevons with only a vertical tail.
Posted by Dave_K | Jul 19, 2018 @ 08:44 PM | 840 Views
The first plane I bought was the AXN Clouds Fly motor-glider.

This wiki has a ton of information on this plane and if you have this plane, I highly recommend checking it out!

My first experience flying this plane was very scary. Me and a buddy went out to the field and asked an experienced gentleman for some advice. He was very helpful and even maidened and trimmed the plane.

I took the controls from him full of confidence and very soon got disoriented. I managed to put the plane down safely and carried it home in one piece. My subsequent visits to the field didn't end this well. I crashed my plane the next two times I went and had to carry home the parts ):

The previous time I went to the field was the first time I went home with my plane in tact, that felt great

Before this first time having flown I haven't flown with a simulator before and I feel that was a big mistake. I only recently got a simulator, Aerofly RC, and I very much regret not starting out with the sim. I've flown now for a few hours and already feel MUCH more in control when flying the plane on the sim, I haven't yet flown the real plane after the sim, and will give an update here once I have done so.

Here is a weight breakdown of my AXN:

Airframe (inc. stock servos and motor) 356.6 g
ESC 30.6 g
Receiver 8.2 g
Turningy 2200 mAh Battery 178.25...Continue Reading
Posted by Bill M - RC | Jul 19, 2018 @ 07:44 PM | 874 Views
Hi fellow Pilots & rc enthusiasts


MJX Bugs 5W B5W review. This Bugs 5W review of this great 5G WIFI FPV with 1080P Camera GPS Brushless Altitude Hold RTF RC Quadcopter Drone includes: How to use Waypoint & Track Flight + CRASH Report.

IN STOCK HERE NOW: https://goo.gl/BMp7UZ

MJX Bugs 5W B5W GPS FPV drone review - How to use Waypoint & Track Flight + CRASH Report (14 min 51 sec)

Posted by Dave_K | Jul 19, 2018 @ 07:33 PM | 877 Views
Howdy world.

I am new to the RC world and here I will take whoever is interested along on my journey and learning.

Stay tuned.
Posted by kydawg1 | Jul 19, 2018 @ 06:44 PM | 875 Views
Posted by MarianoJuarez | Jul 19, 2018 @ 06:13 PM | 496 Views
Has anybody tried or knows for the specs, if the Venom 15C 3S 4000mAh 11.1V LiPo Drone Battery (Link Below) will work on the Parrot Disco?
Im about to buy the drone, and would like to know if they work since the Multistar High Capacity 3S 4000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack are out of stock.
Im new here and know nothing about drones or batteries.
Thanks a lot

Posted by ww2collector | Jul 19, 2018 @ 06:04 PM | 913 Views
I've received a few inquiries from fellow RCG'ers asking me about the Fall Kutztown Swap Meet. All I can tell you is that according to the Kutztown Fair website, there is a swap meet scheduled for Saturday, September 15th, 2018. The Kutztown Aerodrome website has no info posted as of today.
Posted by MarianoJuarez | Jul 19, 2018 @ 06:04 PM | 496 Views
Hi, Im new in the group and arround RC planes.
Im about to buy a Parrot Disco, and I have some questions about the Battery
I read about the Multistar High Capacity 4000mAh 3S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack and the Multistar High Capacity 5200mAh 3S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack, and hear they work fine, but im unable to find the 4000mah one. They are out of stock, and dont sell them anymore.
I want this one in particular because Ill add some extra weight to Disco (with a GoPro H5B), besides the battery.
The Idea is to use the FreeFlight Pro to do a mision, with same altitude all the time and get the max amout of flight time possible. I think the 4000mah will do much better than the 5200mah, because of the weight.
Ive seen this Venom Batteries online, but nobody talks about them for the disco (Venom 15C 3S 4000mAh 11.1V LiPo Drone Battery - Uni 2.0 (XT60, EC3, Deans) Plug) Link Below
Can anybody help me with this issue?
Does anybody know how much weight the Disco can handle?
Thanks a lot

Posted by mnemennth | Jul 19, 2018 @ 04:23 PM | 959 Views
Archiving and Decommissioning 10 years of Old Hard Drives... a Timeline:

I just spent the last 4 daze in a sleep-deprived haze deliberately destroying my 4th order data backups and turning them into modern art as they had reached critical mass. Much hilarity ensued.


"I love the smell of angry pixies in the morning..." ~ me

Originally Posted by mnemennth on: July 17, 2018, 03:06:36 pm

I've been consolidating pics, videos, documents and music from various old hard hard drives from the last 10 years into a single contiguous archive (hopefully with minimal file duplication) so I can decommission the hard drives. I've been at it for two... sh**... three days, and I'm about half done.

I'm so feeling my inner CodeMonkey right now... have consumed nothing but caffeine & leftovers since Saturday. Gauging from razor stubble, been similar time since last shower. Sleep is a stranger to me.

Please shoot me now.

...Continue Reading
Posted by gquiring | Jul 19, 2018 @ 01:16 PM | 1,242 Views
The drifting vario problem with the G-RX8 can be a bit disappointing. It's been suggested that once the RX is on for a couple of minutes the drift has settled down. But resetting the vario from wheel button is a bit awkward if you are holding the model in your hand. So I setup an additional function on my timer/throttle lock switch to also reset the vario. It works by looking at the timer, if the timer = 0 then it's the first time going so reset it when you unlock the throttle and start the timer. Once the timer is no longer 0 it won't reset it.

Frsky G-RX8 reset drifting vario with your throttle lock/timer switch (3 min 37 sec)

Posted by Zelight | Jul 19, 2018 @ 12:17 PM | 1,257 Views