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Posted by GRW3 | Mar 04, 2018 @ 11:23 AM | 5,492 Views
Iíve flown the heck out of the Sport Cub (SC). After a few years of only dabbling in RC Flying, I decided to get serious. I was capable, I didnít need a straight trainer, just not as capable as I used to be. The SC embodied a lot of my favorite elements: high wing, taildragger, scale looking. I got it and started flying it, a lot.

At first, it was my only flying plane. Iíd fly it five or six times a session. Once I became familiar with it, I got bold. Wind? No problem. Crosswind? No problem. Reverse pattern? No problem. Strange field? No problem. Combinations of these issues? No problem. Well, of course starting to do these things was a problem, mentally, but I was determined.

Once I was comfortable with all that I started pushing other limits. In doing so, Iíve broken the poor SC several times. Each time Iíve repaired it but the wear and tear has taken its toll. A full wing Cub type is never a great aerobatic plane but as long as itís straight it can do passable aerobatics. A bent SC, not so much.

I like doing close in, low aerobatics. Not 3D but maneuvers a full size airplane could do. I can still do it but with bent plane itís a handful. I knew I needed a new plane in this class for this type of flying. There are a handful of planes that came close but just st didnít seal the deal. Then Horizon announced they were going to offer an E-Flite Clipped Wing Cub (CWC). Bingo!

I love CWCs. Iíve had two 1/4 scale ones in the past and have a third in the planning stages. Yes, I thought, Iíll have one of these. As soon as means, motive and opportunity gelled, I ordered one. Itís ready to go but the weather isnít. While I donít mind flying a known airplane in the wind, itís not ideal for a maiden. Anticipation grows.