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Posted by JohnCC | Jun 16, 2017 @ 12:38 AM | 33,274 Views
What a day! I have been fortunate enough to receive the new MJX Bugs 8 directly from MJX themselves for review and demo flight. In this video I cruised around using my FatShark goggles. I received the entire Bugs 8 kit -- headset, receiver, the works, but I wanted to just give the fatsharks a try since that is I how I *always* do FPV with my racers. Here are the results!

MJX Bugs 8 FPV Flight (Fatshark Dominator V3) (6 min 49 sec)

And here is the full review, with the MJX goggles:

MJX Bugs 8 Racing Quadcopter (18 min 59 sec)
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