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Posted by paul timms | Oct 09, 2013 @ 01:22 AM | 8,154 Views
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Need a place to put the list of Aircraft and there brands so I have some where to look to keep track.

Top flite...
SE5a. Kit in box
Mustang. Kit in Box......
Spitfire. Kit in box..
B25 Mitchel ARF PowerOS Alpher 81s 55% built
Mustang Hurry Home Honey ARF 95%buillt Power Saito 100 Keleo exhaust.
P47 Thunderbolt ARF in Box Satio 100 motor

1 Duel Ace"s. finished Saito 45s Four strokes
1 Duell Ace 80% finished powered by OS 55 AXs........
2 A6 Texan's .finished and flown both powered with OS 120 AXs.......also flown as a twin
1Piper Commanche 45% Finished powered by OS 46AXs
2 x 337 Cessnas powered by OS 62Vs
1 Shoestring complete and flown powered with a Satio 100

Black Hourse
Aero Commmander Shike ,,,,, Finished Powerd by 2 OS46 re tracts require fitting (Robart)

Great planes.....
2 Mustang's . KIts in boxs Not Started
2 Tomcats F14 Kits in Boxes ...Not Started
1 Tomcat in for Major repairs powered with OS 95 AX.
Phantom F4 Kit in Box..Not Started
2 Patriot Kit in Box ,,,
1 Eagle F15 Kit in box ..Not started
PT20 Kit in Box

Hanger 9
2 Jackel.Powered by OS 55 AX 95% finished and fully finished with Been joined and now a twin with evolution 61s Now under repair
B25 New in Box, Retracts and Power 2 X Satio 65s

Lancaster 30 % powered with 4 X Eflite 60

3 Butterfly's .Power OS 26 FS......
Both in for major repars. Powered by OS 26 FS
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