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Posted by AZAerobat | Nov 21, 2011 @ 03:19 AM | 7,506 Views
Almost done. I have been working all weekend building my blue Edge. She is almost ready to fly. I believe I am the first one to order a vinyl package from Nick at Nachos Cheese so here is a little sample of his vinyl package too. It was my first time putting vinyl on a plane so it is not perfect but I thought it went ok. I messed up here and there applying it but nothing too bad. When I am done building it I am going to do some nice shots of the plane. I am waiting on a spinner to put on the cowl and also working on getting the reciever installed and all the wires tucked away nice and pretty like. So far a great build I have just been really taking my time.

Thanks for the vinyl Nick it looks awesome! I wish I could fly my blue edge as good as it looks.
Posted by AZAerobat | Oct 30, 2011 @ 10:07 PM | 7,616 Views
A friend at work asked about my "airplane" room. I promptly corrected her that it is my workshop not an airplane room. Actually it is more of a combination of a workshop and office. I decided to share the photo with all of you if you are interested. I will save myself sometime up front, no I did not paint the room red. We are renting a home from a friend and the room was formerly her son's. They are all really big U of A fans and he asked to have his room painted to match. It is not my house but if it was I would immediately paint it maroon and gold!!! It kinda burns this Sundevil Alumnist a bit just sitting in the room and why it was painted that way. Go ASU!!!
Posted by AZAerobat | Oct 22, 2011 @ 01:05 AM | 7,876 Views
Photos of my 3DHS 71" AJ Slick that I won from the Ocktoberfest at the ARCA field in Austin, Texas. Wish I could have made it out guys but thanks for shipping me the first and probably only prize I will ever win in my lifetime! I could not have wished for a nicer plane! Time to save for the components and get it built.
Posted by AZAerobat | Oct 09, 2011 @ 01:31 AM | 9,062 Views
I went to the TAS today. It was my first time going to a big competition like this, needless to say I was very impressed. I had a blast!! I finally got to see Andrew Jesky and Mark Leseberg perform and it was amazing! They are two great pilots. Here are a few shots of AJ flying his slick during the Freestyle today. The last shot is of him touching the ground, he basically knew he hit the ground and just turned it into a harrier landing right in front of him and his spotter.

Anyways it was a great time! I am pretty sure AJ had the only 3DHS plane in the whole competition. I did not stay for all 17 pilots of the free style so I cannot confirm but it was the only one of the 10 pilots I watched.
Posted by AZAerobat | Sep 29, 2011 @ 01:48 AM | 8,631 Views
Here are some photos of my sttiP Version 2 from Hobbyking. I crashed the first one a while back and immediately ordered a second one. This plane flies so well with a few modifications that I couldn't stand not having one in my hanger! I still think the DX8 killed my first sttiP but I can't prove it. Once you have seen one you have seen them all but I am going to post these anyways. I shot the sttiP Ver. 2.0 with a 16mm lens just to mess with your eyes. Nah I just wanted to try something different. Take it easy.

Posted by AZAerobat | Sep 15, 2011 @ 02:10 AM | 8,607 Views
I spent the past weekend building my first balsa plane since I was about 13 or 14 (About 16 years ago now). Back then ARF's were expensive compared to today so I built about 3 or 4 stick kits. Here are a few photos of my completed Buck Huck (41" Edge 540 for those who do not fly 3D). It was a really easy straight forward build. I will never buy a stick kit again unless I want a really long project. I still have not gotten to maiden her because of the rain. Yes, rain in Arizona I know it is crazy, a whole week of rain! Here are the shots.

Posted by AZAerobat | May 21, 2011 @ 04:12 PM | 8,189 Views
Slammed into the ground yesterday at WOT with my 50mm F-16. Lost both of my servos while in the air at the same time. They came unplugged from the receiver. I have now learned that you must check everything before you fly. They were working fine on the ground but came unplugged after a nice hard turn. I think the battery moved just enough to yank them out. They must have been a little loose from the start. The jet is toast. I am not happy about it because the only place to get another airframe is from Hobby King in China. I was going to try to fix it again but it was just beat up too bad. The photo does not do the damage justice. Also sorry about the crappy quality photo all I had with me was my camera phone. It still did the job. I might have to break down and order an ARF and just take out the electronics and put my own in. Damn I like the speed and look of this jet. I really like the Thunderbirds and I love their paint scheme. I would like to get a 70mm F-16 Thunderbird one of these days.

Posted by AZAerobat | May 04, 2011 @ 06:42 PM | 9,622 Views
My DX8 came in yesterday! I was so excited I stayed up half the night just messing with it. I hope to try it out in the next few days. It is a really nice solid built radio. It makes my DX6i look and feel like a toy. Why do I have to work when all I want to do is fly? Time go faster please!!!

Posted by AZAerobat | Apr 29, 2011 @ 01:59 PM | 8,394 Views
So I recently got myself a DX8 from the classifieds section the other day. I am currently using a DX6I and I love it. Problem is that I filled up the memory pretty quick and my squadron keeps growing without a TX to be attached to. I was going to wait a couple of months but I just saw a good price that I could not pass up. I am excited! This is my first radio that is larger than 6 channels. My current other radio that will be listed up here soon after the DX8 arrives is an Airtronics VG6000. Very nice radio but it was time to jump on the 2.4 ghz evolution. Even though I have only used Airtronics TX and RX since getting into this hobby 20 or so years ago I went with Spektrum because it seems like everyone uses them so getting used receivers would be a little easier.

Anyone have any input on the DX8? I have read quite a bit of reviews before I made my decision I am just wondering what the everyday fliers opinion is of this radio. I obviously wanted to stick with Spektrum because of my growing collection of Spektrum receivers and I have heard that with the DX7 you either love it or hate and that there is no in between so I did not want to risk getting a radio I would possibly hate. Also just from the looks of the TX it appears to look more like a DX6I and seems more like a step up from it rather than a DX7. Enough of my jabbering time to go to work. Looking forward to your answers.

Posted by AZAerobat | Apr 28, 2011 @ 01:54 AM | 8,363 Views
Had my first crash with the 300 today. It was a matter of time I guess but I really really did not want to crash this beautiful plane. I was oh about 100 or so maybe less feet up and started to cut power to approach for a landing. Not sure what happened but I nosed it down to come in and line up with the runway and it did not recover from the dive. I was giving it up elevator and no response. It smacked into the hard AZ dirt (anyone who lives here knows that it is about as soft as concrete). I walked up to check up on the damage and it was not too bad. I was still pretty upset about it as this is probably the most I have spent on a plane in a long time but I am dealing with it.

The fuse split in half just behind the wing where the canopy attaches. It was a nice clean break and will glue back together well as far as I can tell. Right now I am not sure about the motor. I have not spinned it up since the crash. The prop did not break so I am hoping that there is no damage to it. The landing came out (I was anticipating this happening since there have been many reports about how weak the glue is used in that area) so that did not bother me. The wing tip was bent up really bad. I have been using the hot water trick off and on for the past hour and seems to be slowly working.

I am just mad that it is not going to be as pretty anymore but hey it really could have been worse. I still love this plane and think it is probably my current favorite. I just needed to vent about my...Continue Reading
Posted by AZAerobat | Apr 21, 2011 @ 12:55 AM | 9,780 Views
I have been thinking about getting one the new Skyangel Rare Bears. They seem to fly really fast. I really am not a fan of the Gold and white paint scheme. They have the purple scheme but I have only seen it being sold in Europe. I really should not be looking at getting a new plane already since I just got a 3D flat foamie to teach myself to fly 3D but those new Skyangel planes look awesome I just wish the price was a little lower. I think I might just wait and see if the purple version makes it's way to the states. Here are a couple of photos I found on the net of both schemes.

Dam I wish the wind would stop here! Maybe then I could get some flying in and stop surfing the net for new planes. I hate you wind you make me spend money.