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Posted by droydx | Dec 18, 2008 @ 07:03 PM | 12,326 Views
Well, I fired up the build table after taking about 7 months off to work a million hours at some of the local fires. This was one that I've had sitting for a long time. I sheeted up the original white foam cores using the supplied obechi sheeting using 3M 77 to glue. The obechi seperated and the skin bubbled in a bunch of places, so I chucked them, figured I'd use some that Target had cut for me that were 7.5% RG 14's, but they were not the right size for the saddle! I ended up cutting my own, using SD6060, and fitted them to the saddle with some extra layers of glass to reshape it.

I sheeted these up with 1/64" ply and covered them with solartex for painting. The anhedral full flying horizontal stab is interesting, and I used the stock twin pushrod set up to actuate it. The ailerons are standard torque tube, single servo. Wingspan is 47" auw is around 42 oz. Not a heavy weight, but mid weight for around here. Still have to fly it, went up the hill today, but not enough wind for it....later!