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Posted by droydx | May 04, 2007 @ 09:22 PM | 9,410 Views
Don't really know, but I get a lot of satisfaction from putting together a bunch of weird parts, sculpting them into some kind of desireable, pleasing shape, and then throwing it off a cliff and attempting to make it do something that I want it too.

I like all mediums, from balsa stick and monokote polyhedral, to composite building.
I cut and bag my own wings, have designed and built more than a few designs...hey, I started in RC gliders back in 1984!.

The down side to this, is I actually don't stick with one model long enough to really get super good at anything, flying wise. I usually have too many models that are flyable, at any one time, and this creates a maintenance headache. Oh well, things could be worse.