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I got back into flying FPV mutticopters again for a while.
Technology has advanced a lot since I last built up some quads. Now they have integrated stacks with the 4 in 1 ESCs, Flight Controllers, Video TX and super tiny RC receivers. My old quads only have maybe 32 video channels and no race band channels. Now they can have up to 48 channels on the video transmitters plus some VTXs have a custom band where you can program it for your favorite channels. Then they have OSD now and you can change VTX channels from your RC transmitter. With some flight controllers you can even edit your PIDS remotely too. What is really neat is being able to configure or program the ESCs via the flight controller too. That is great for reversing a motor or two without having to mess with the motor wires.

I used a Emax mini Magnum 2 stack with a 4 in 1 ESC, Flight Controller, and VTX. The motors are Emax ECO 2306 1700kv, and Emax AVAN 5x2.8x3 props. It is setup for six cell Lipos.

I just got done building up this Pyrodrone FL3X 5 inch quad. It is about as small as you can go with a 5 inch quad and not have the propellers hit the frame or components on it.

...Continue Reading
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Given the 3 days required to fabricate, it's never going to be mass produced. The wires should all be wrapping wire. They would have to be soldered on a separate jig, then glued in place.

The hall effect sensors were off center. The screw & the speaker need to change places. It needs a stand to balance on the charger. At least the frequency hopping works & uses a very simple algorithm. The hall effect sensors have to be the lowest mV/G possible.

Got the hall effect sensors as close as possible without removing material. Spacing out the magnets more just increased the deadband. The hall effect sensor fiducials are exactly where they need to be. They could be shifted to allow for hot glue residue. The magnets could be closer to the shaft, but that would require going to a metal shaft. There's still a bee's dick of hot glue residue offsetting the steering sensor. Hot glue residue could be a legitimate reason for adding clearance.

Only a driving test would show if the hall effect sensors are good enough. Getting within 0x08 might be good enough. Gluing the hall effect sensors has been a matter of dropping a blob on the plastic, then pressing in the sensor with the mark 1 lion paw. It cools the hot glue instantly but might be the most accurate way.
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Well, all I can say is this is not your typical small RC Foamie Airplane model by any means of the imagination.

If you look closely during the landing phase, Joe targeted the side Grass field adjacent to the Textile Runway and it did pretty good.

Telemetry recorded 141.3 MPH straight and level and 154.2 MPH in a slight dive.

Joe's E Flite V1200 10 30 2020 (3 min 48 sec)

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Just starting the drawings for this one......several of my buddies have been after me to build something more "scale". We'll see

Manufacturer claims this little fan will produce 1460 gr (3.2 lbs) of thrust......
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YANGDA has recently released the battery quick-swap board for FW320 VTOL, which makes the battery changing become super easy.
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In 2009 I gave away my fleet and gear, it was quite a lot, I had to consolidate in order to move to Cali for a business partnership to launch a new Cafe only to find myself in the middle of nowhere with a failed prospect. As a builder I can always make more when I want, but getting much more heavy duty in it this year, this has been quite an eye opener and some good, some bad things on the scene for us builders and RC plane guys to have to deal with.

I am finding some stock to be around, rather cheap, mainly park flyer stuff along gear, but stick built kits to stock is scarce, so I opted to stockpile the balsa once I found a source, with the seller not really knowing how scarce this material has became. We still do not have a depron alternative, I was looking forward to building with it rather then foam board, and the hobby businesses are not selling sheets of their alternative foam stock. I am no fan of EPP, it's too spongy and the finish is terrible.

I have a love/hate view along kits. In some areas they let you fly through the process having the laser cut pieces ready to go, in other areas you are needing to learn their way of doing things, often unique to just that make and model of kit, often too they never revised them so they are made for outdated gear. I put together a Sig Breezy Day Cub, added ailerons, it took some extra's for the revisions, also it had to be reconfigured to handle the modern gear. This is normal for kit building in these days, which...Continue Reading
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GEELANG Lightning 120X 120mm F4 12A 2-4S 3 Inch Whoop FPV Racing Drone PNP BNF w/ 25-200mW VTX Runcam Nano 2 Camera

Geelang Lightning 120X. Шустрая зубочистка. (18 min 4 sec)

Link: GEELANG Lightning 120X
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Spitfire Mk. IX
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Heres a quick tutorial video on how to sew a Hobie Hawk Carrying Case.

Sewing a Hobie Hawk case (3 min 13 sec)

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This a Big Crash Of Wild Bill Flynn's Freewing de Havilland DH 112 Venom V2 90mm EDF Jet.

Big Crash Of Wild Bill Flynn's Freewing de Havilland DH 112 Venom V2 90mm EDF Jet (6 min 15 sec)

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Micro Tundra Loops and Lands (4 min 49 sec)

Yeah , thats about it !
Remember that engine test ? And how on the test stand that little motor put out 160grams + of thrust !
I dont think that translates to what is happening in the Micro Tundra .

Is it the battery ESC combo ? Delivering less power VIA the 1106 ... Yeah , in the model , it's a different story .
If you want to throw the MT around ( Stunt ) , then you will want more POWER !

I did try to do rolls , just not enough aileron ( 50 / 50 - Rates / Expo ) , so I will need to tweak that .
I have ordered a 1306 3200kv - So will see ? Also might want a new ESC , maybe 10A ? can you buy a 8A ESC ?
Anyways , ..........
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RC Converted 480mm Wingspan EPP Chuck Glider - DustOff Flights #22 & #23 - Weeeee! That's Fun ;-)

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

Time to blow the Dust Off of this Converted RC Chuck Glider ;-)
I made a couple of adjustments on the Elevator Dual-Rate and EXPO.
Let's see how that works out ;-)

Here is a link to the Playlist for this RC Converted Chuck Glider:

Here are links to all the components we used in this project:

48cm Big Size Hand Launch Throwing Aircraft Airplane Glider DIY Inertial Foam EPP

DYS BE1104 1104 Brushless Motor 5400KV 6500KV 7000KV 2-3S for 100 120 150 RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor - 7000KV

2 Pairs Gemfan 3025 PC Propeller CW/CCW For 1104 Motor 120 150 160 RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor

2.4G 4CH Micro Low Voltage DSM2 DSMX Compatible Receiver Built-in Brushed ESC

EMAX Babyhawk 85mm FPV Racing Drone Spare Part 2S 7.4V 300mAh 35c Lipo

HobbyKing HK-5320S Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 0.075kg / 0.09sec / 1.7g

Turnigy MultiStar Race...Continue Reading


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She's small , but she's fierce
Small scale , high performance ,come with open and adjustable parameter ,fixed speed
Two Receiver style :
1. Integrated , also support S.Bus \DSM\ DSMX
2.Built-in FUTABA
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commuting transportation

7.34kg (16.1Ib)
30KM battery range
30% grade climbing
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This is my first look at the Dynam Meteor v3:
Dynam Meteor PNP EDF Jet v3 First Look (11 min 36 sec)

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Haven't you started thinking about Christmas yet?

Land SnaiL 930 e-board

Email: [email protected]

#BrotherHobby #LandSnaiL #ESkateboard #LandSnaiL930 #electricskateboard #esk8 #eboard #EBoarding #electricskateboarding #skateboard #skate #electricscooter
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Obviously a lot more than a few tweeks happened. The mane event was moving the speed buttons to the sides & the power button to the back. The button spacing was dictated by mechanical clearance rather than ergonomics.

This would be a lot easier with tact buttons, but the lion kingdom insisted on something more durable. These MHPS buttons could have gone down to 6mm per side without a major increase in cost, but the lion kingdom wanted to finish. Despite every effort, hot gluing all the hot glued bits is still a buster. What's needed is a fine pointed hot glue gun.

There's some debate about whether the pinky grip should go all the way across. The 2 halves don't line up, making it look awful.

Too bad there isn't any more investment in lion machine interfaces. They all standardized on the game pad, 20 years ago. There were a few voice, gesture startups, 10 years ago.
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I love the WL Toys 144001 1/14 scale RC Buggy and have written a lot of articles on tuning and upgrading it here. It is inexpensive and runs well stock or is easily upgraded to brushless power which offers better speed and acceleration as well as battery life. But how does it compare against the car on which is was based, the LC racing EMB series on which the 144001 was (let's face it) copied from?

So surely you know by now that the 144001 is a budget copy of the LC racing EMB-1 but with a bigger brushless 550 motor and integrated ESC/receiver and no slipper clutch. This means that WL Toys have been able to grab a big slice of the popular RC car market at a price point of $70-80 for the 144001 vs $200ish for the LC racing equivalent. But this is clearly not a fair comparison so what if you take the brushless upgraded 144001 with a raft of replacement parts, tally up the cost and then compare? Would you still buy the 144001 to upgrade or would you just got straight for the LC racing? I'll break this down by price and performance in order to give you the clearest information to make this decision for yourself and my opinion I what I would (and did) do.

LC Racing EMB-MT bashing on gravel (0 min 11 sec)


Posted by old4570 | Oct 28, 2020 @ 04:49 PM | 6,552 Views
Micro Tundra Low and Slow (5 min 57 sec)

Still wasting time on the elevator
Once the elevator is set in stone , I can play with my rates and then throw the Micro Tundra around a little .

Oh yeah , I did a nice landing this morning .

Just stayed on the power till I was almost on the ground and then when a few inches off the ground I cut power and the MT settled almost perfectly .