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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Jun 11, 2017 @ 04:19 AM | 16,038 Views
For an engine that had a very long production run, these are seldom seen on the used market. I believe that it was released around 1971 and I read that it had a run of over 40 years. So where are they? Just in peoples collection, never to be sold? Certain parts are still available on eBay, but no real critical ones like the apex seals. I have found mainly screws and drive washers. Why am I rambling on about this particular engine? Because I was fortunate enough to get one in a trade. It cost me a very nice Saito FA-91S which I thought was a fair trade. I mean I could list a wanted ad for a 91S and most likely have one in a week so I am not too concerned about replacing this engine.

As it turns out this is the first edition. The later models had some slight differences.

I was very glad that the fellow I was trading with gave me the opportunity to inspect this engine BEFORE I committed or mailed the 91S to him! Well within 3 minutes of opening the box and inspecting it, my 91S was packaged in the same shipping box and ready to go to a new owner. I was not planning on disassembling this classic but a closer inspection of the fasteners showed several things. First, it had been apart before and secondly some of the fasteners were in terrible shape. Heads completely stripped out on at least 5 of them. I made the decision to open her up after I placed an order some some of the few spare parts available, mainly screws, a rotor, and apex seal springs. As of...Continue Reading