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Posted by Late99 | Jan 28, 2017 @ 12:53 PM | 9,708 Views
Well this is a minor one, but still might help someone....

I managed to rip elevator off my Sebart Katana S 50E when doing a harrier landing on a field with lot of snow / slush. The counter balances just dug into the slush and all CA hinges were cleanly broken from the middle. The elevator joiner also come partially loose when elevator sides bend backwards. I also think that cold weather made the CA hinges more prone to breaking and this plane is quite old (I got it 2nd hand) so from that perspective it might have been time to replace hinges.

This is just a quick how-to on how I did the hinge replacement. Read further if interested.
Posted by Late99 | Jan 26, 2017 @ 05:27 PM | 9,026 Views
2016 went past really quickly. It was my fourth year flying RC planes. Skill wise I learned a lot, but also the learning curve is getting slower. I clearly have my limits and will not be ever as good as some of the more talented guys are.

Last year was also a bit weird. I didn't manage to participate too many events. Either not too many good events were held or then I just missed them due to other obligations. Also my local field was really quiet and I spent a lot flying myself. I'm finally concentrating flying to few bigger planes. Flight time with aerobatic planes was 45h 18mins or 391 flights (~30% increase from 2015).

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My bad luck with 87" Pilot Yak-54 continued. I crashed it second time in the spring (stuck elevator servo) and then had a lot of engine tuning problems. I just wasn't able to get proper flight time with it so I was also unable to use it to attend any competitions. I also crashed my 48" EF Yak-54 EXP already very early in the spring. Finally got around to rebuild it in the end of the year. I also had minor mishaps with other planes, but those were typically relatively fast repairs.

All bigger crashes / repairs had something to do with malfunctioning elevator servos, so if I have learned something it's that don't be cheap on elevator servos!

My most flown / favorite planes for 2016:

1. Skywing 38" Mini Edge - really good for getting quick flights at nearby farm field. I highly recommend this EPP hybrid, flies really well for it's size...Continue Reading