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Posted by Late99 | Nov 30, 2013 @ 02:51 PM | 3,484 Views
Uhhh, I guess I need to start blogging a little. Somebody might even learn a thing or two from my screwups. And anyway it's winter here now, very slight change of actually flying. Winter is more building & simulator training season for us.

Next blog entries will include: my building projects, current planes, their stories and my experiences with them. I currently already have quite many of them and building process keeps them coming...

Anyways I'm quite new to hobby. Have a long history in everything related to airplanes and flying, but my RC flying experiences are from 2013. Building seems to be just as important to me as actually flying the planes. Currently I've got foam planes bought from stores and depron planes built by myself from drawings. Anything from gliders to acrobatics interests me.