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Posted by Bombay | Mar 17, 2009 @ 01:46 PM | 29,675 Views
In the Hangar...

> PZ Micro Cessna 210 #1
> PZ Micro Cessna 210 #2

> Hobbico FlyZone SkyFly #1 - Pushrod and hinge mods
> Hobbico FlyZone SkyFly #2 - Night Flyer with Glowire

> Parkzone Slo-V - NightFlight Module and Sonic Combat Module
Stock setup but running on the 8.4v battery instead of the 7.2v(tired & retired)

> Brushless Slo-V - Brushless setup with Glowire and flashers
Motor - BP 9YSS Outrunner Brushless Motor With Short Shaft at 840 kv.
Prop - GWS 12x6 SF
Servos - Hextronik HXT900 9gram
ESC - HW25A with programming card
Battery - Rhino 1250 2s 20C lipo
RX - AR6100E
Amps - ~10-11

> Cox Lazy Bee (Bionic Bee)
Motor: BP 8YSS Outrunner
Prop: APC 10x3.8 Slo Fly with large aluminum collet spinner
Battery: 3s 2150mah Rhino
Speed controller: Castle Creations T-Bird 36 (used it for the extra weight)
Servos: GWS Park LF (17grams)
Receiver: AR6100
Amps: ~12 (need to use throttle management)

..........Successful maiden flights.

> War Eagle
Motor: Suppo 2212-15 (930kv)
Prop: 9x4.7 SF Need to play around with different props.
Servos: Hitec HS-55
Battery: Thunderpower Prolite 3s 2100mah 15c
ESC: SS 20A (card programmable)

..........Successful maiden flights.

MS Composit "Blade Dancer"
My first 3D plane
Motor: 2830-09 850kv
Prop: APC 11 x 3.8SF: 27 oz thrust, 12.5 amps, pitch speed 23 mph
Servos: HXT900 9gram and Power HD 8g
Battery: 3s 1300mah 25c
Receiver: AR6100e
ESC: CC 25A (
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