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Posted by FPV Garage | Mar 29, 2018 @ 02:40 PM | 3,589 Views
Hello everyone, today we are here to discuss about one of the best surprise of the 2017, the Furibee X140 racing drone!

After the famous/infamous 220mm Furibee DarkMax, one of the best 2017 racing quad (check our review HERE and our flash review video HERE), and the small and crazy-cheap Furibee Q95, the chinese brand filled his lineup with a mid sized racing quad...the Furibee X140. Furibee is famous for delivering products in a great price tag, but sometimes they fail miserably launching low quality products without any sense (Stormer anyone?!). Did we find another Furibee gem or this X140 will empower the garbage army? Let’s see it !!

Technical Details and Quality
The X140 is built around a 140mm carbon fiber frame with a stretched layout. Stretched means that the four arms have a closer angle between each other, giving the quad a more lengthened look. The arms are 4mm thick, detachable from the body, so you can easily replace it after some serious abuse without changing the whole frame. The main body is slightly thinner, with a thickness of 2mm. The design is well engineered with PLENTY of space inside, so you don’t need good hands to replace or change something. The whole quad is very sturdy, so don’t fear the crashes, Furibee did a great work here.
On the bad side, we didn’t like the bottom battery design. Strap is very thin, we suggest to replace it out of the box because you will use not-so-small battery with a remarkable...Continue Reading
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Hello there, let’s continue our microdrones overview with another interesting quad, the Emax Babyhawk R-Race Edition. Don’t get tricked by the name, this is a really different story from the good and old Babyhawk. We liked and enjoyed a lot the old white guy, it was one of our best pick for indoor and light outdoor flying, but this new version improves a very good quad in something really impressive. Time to check out the details!

This quad is a pre-built micro race quad suitable for intermediate/advanced pilots. The first difference with the old version is the lack of the prop guards and the slightly heavy build. The BH-R weights around 90 grams versus the 70 grams of the BH and it has a longer wheelbase of 112mm versus 89mm. This different build setup, the lack of propguards and the impressive flight performances in speed and punch makes the quad oriented to an outdoor and racing use, while the old white BH was more an indoor weapon usuable for some light outdoor activity.

Technical Details
The BH-R is based on a 112mm light weight carbon fiber frame with a canopy available in three different colors (black red and trasparent) with sturdy 3mm arms to reduce drag. As we said previously, it’s slightly heavier than other quads in this category, but if you use it as intended this is not a big deal. It comes in bundle with 2 sets of Emax Avan 2″ four-blade propellers, but it’s possibile tuo use 3” inches props if you buy...Continue Reading
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Do you remember the Lumenier QAV210 released in the 2015? Well, AuroraRC released a 105mm miniature of it: light, powerful, stableÖ and youíre gonna love it! Letís see why!

The QAV105 is a pre-built 105mm FPV Racer for intermediate/advanced pilot target. This is one of the lightest mini quad that Iíve tried, around 60g, and with their 2.4 inches 4 blades propellers itís incredibly powerful even on 2s battery. It also supports 3s batteries.

Technical Details
The frame is built with a very interesting monoplate 2mm tick carbon fiber main plate, a 1mm tick top plate and aluminum standoffs. The battery can be mounted in the top or on the bottom. They suggests to mount it on the top but I strongly suggest you put it on the bottom of the frame, we will see better why.
The electronics are very compact, and is a tower with a Omnibus F3 with integrated OSD and integrated 5.8ghz 48ch 25mW video transmitter with uFL connector, and a 4-in-1 Blheli-s 10A esc dshot600 compatible.
Motors are 1105 7000KV, 3s compatible. The suggested propellers are 2435 four-blade and deliver a really good thrust comparing to the classic 2035 of 90/110mm class racers.
The camera is a very interesting RunCam Micro Swift, a very light 600TVL FPV camera features Super HAD II CCD sensor, with a 2.1mm lens that provides a very wide 165-degree FOV.

The package is tiny and simple. We will receive the quad ready to fly, some...Continue Reading
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Hello there! Today we are here to discuss about indoor microdrones. These small daredevils are gaining attention and popularity delivering a lot of fun and a nice and smooth flying experience in house environment. They are cheap, harmless and almost indestructible, giving all the RC enthusiasts the possibility to fly in cold winters without leaving our comfy office chair.

Let’s start to be more specific. KingKong Tiny7 and Tiny6 are clones of the popular Tiny Whoop. Clones means a budget and affordable price, without turning down performance and build quality. Price is floating around the 60$ tag in PNP version. Beginners could buy a “value pack” with radio transmitter, 3 spare shells (in different colors) and 12 spare props. Charger and battery are included in both versions.

Technical Details
First of all, just focus on the differences between the two models. At first glance, they seems identical unless dimensions. Tiny6 is build on a 65mm wheelbase for a weight under 21g , instead Tiny7 is build around a 75mm wheelbase for about 32g.
The plastic frame is well built, with ducted propellers for more efficiency and safe flying around our beloved ones. Props are 40mm tri blade for the big one versus 31mm props for the small one. Motors are 720 brushed for the T7 and 615 brushed for the T6. Flight controller is a F3 with integrated VTX. It supports Betaflight firmware (pre-installed)...Continue Reading
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The Aomway Commander are high-end FPV goggles inspired by the famous Fatshark design, but with an eye to some different features at a nice competitive price. This product places themselves in the middle of the price tag between the old school box FPV visors and the expensive and popular Fatshark goggles.

Technical Details

• Diagonal FOV of 32į
• 59-69 mm interpupillary distance adjustment
• 16:9 854◊480 LCD displays
• Built-in 40CH 5G8 diversity receiver with OSD and auto-search function
• Built-in DVR powered by an HMDVR module
• Diopter lens slots
• Wide powering options: 6-17V
• 3D support (both RF and HDMI)
• HDMI 720p input
• AV input/output

The packaging is very tidy and well designed. Inside the we found the goggles with a nice and stylish sunglasses-style rubber case and some accessories for everyday use like a useful LiPo adapter to power up the goggles with standard multirotor batteries (sadly, no battery is included), a patch and a cloverleaf antennas, AV cables (no miniHDMI cable included) and some face sponges to wear the goggles on. As we said some lines ago, the rubber case is well looking but unfortunately you have to remove the antennas to store the goggles inside. Considering the limited life cycle of SMA connectors, a bigger case would be a smart move.

The screen are great with its 32 degrees FOV (bigger than the 30 degrees of Fatshark...Continue Reading
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Holybro is a well-known Chinese brand that delivers high quality FPV equipment. This year they offer a very interesting high-end racing quadcopter with excellent performance out of the box: the Kopis 1. We really liked it! Let us see it in detail.

Kopis 1 - Flash Review (3 min 39 sec)

The Kopis 1 is a high-performance ready-to-fly FPV racing drone. Its stretched x low-deck design with centralized mass delivers an excellent handling and smooth cornering at high speed. Inside we find one of the best controller of the market with soft-mounted gyro and a high quality and full featured video transmitter. Holybro chooses high quality T-Motor motors, which give a very interesting balance of power and flight time. It also comes in a premium packaging. Every detail on the Kopis is great. They delivers all the performance, looks, and durability of a hand-built machine, ready to fly.

Technical Details
The frame is a stretched “X” with 5mm carbon fiber for enhanced durability. This layout keeps the rear props out of the prop wash from the front props, increasing stability and thrust. The weight is around 300 grams without battery, not one of the lightest but still very good, for instance it is around 80g lighter than the Diatone GT200. Not bad.
The motors are T-Motor AIR40 2205 2450kV, a brand that delivers high quality and performance leading motors. The weight is very good, around 26grams. Compared to a 2305 motor they are lighter and more efficient....Continue Reading
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Furibee is a Chinese brand available on Gearbest very active in the FPV market. One of the first and most interesting product was the Furibee Fuuton 200: a great $180 plug and fly drone. Then they delivered many models in the market (maybe too many?) and the Furibee Darkmax that we are reviewing is one of the most surprising and powerful that we ever tested! Let us see it in detail.

The Darkmax is a pre-built FPV Racer for intermediate/advanced pilot target. The Furibee idea is to deliver the lighter and most powerful quad possible in the under $200 price range . With a weight of ~260g (without battery and propellers) it is the lightest 5" quad in this price tag.

Technical Details
The electronics consists in the very interesting Artower F4 Plus with a 4-in-1 BLHeli_S 30A that supports up to 6s batteries (yes, 6s!) and an Omnibus F4 with an integrated power switchable video transmitter. These board delivers all we need to manage our quad and fpv video.
The fpv camera is a 1/2.7" CCD camera with a 130 degree FOV, the VTX offers an uFL connector and a RP-SMA adapter for the provided linear antenna.
The motors are DYS brand, model SR2205 2550KV. They push out a lot of thrust, as well as they are balanced and robust. We didn’t notice any kind of vibration from them.
The quadcopter comes out with two sets of polycarbonate Gemfan 5152 propellers. They are probably too much for this combination of...Continue Reading