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Posted by smg24 | Apr 14, 2017 @ 03:59 AM | 6,188 Views
I'm living in europe and finding cheap stretched x-frame has been impossible. Last time i decided to buy spaceonefpv 5" stretch-x which seemed like decent frame. Shipping to europe is expensive compared to price of the item and cost doubled with shipping and customs. I was hopeful with that frame but unfortunately that appeared to be way too fragile. Apparently the frame is very narrow from side to motor mouting holes and will bend from very small crash if the props doesnt bend that easily.

This happened with very low speed and drop to soft ground:
Never would have thought that it is so soft frame.

Anyway, i have already realacc x-frame on my other quad and i have been happy with it. When i crashed that stretch-x frame i waited for some time to find suitable replacement for it and eventually decided to just buy normal realacc x-frame. Literally 2 days later xs220 appeared in banggood. WOW! I have now 2 frames coming but finally there is cheap stretch x-frame available! I'm very excited and can't wait to test it out. I'll make a new post when it arrives.

Realacc XS220 220mm Carbon Fiber 4mm Arm FPV Racing X Frame w/ 5V & 12V PDB
Can be bought for $25.75 with coupon code toysho.

Link for the frame