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Posted by grantypoo | Oct 16, 2010 @ 06:13 PM | 10,786 Views
Any one who wishes to find out more info can call me on 03 3074556
Posted by grantypoo | May 14, 2010 @ 06:27 PM | 12,682 Views
Just purchased an ESM Dauntless, to put a warbird together that is suitable for our flying field, and is a little different - in as much as I can have flaps, and a working bomb drop with a model that isn't doing 100mph .
I was keen to have some sort of motor that wasnt a single, or a petrol engine so it sounded "right " ...there was of course the option of electric with a sound system , and I also looked at twins and radial options. Needing a reasonably powerful engine to fly what will be a 14 lb ish model (estimated) the saito twins that would power it were too wide for the cowl. The 90 radial would not have enough power, so I thought that the 170R3 would probably fit. This being decided after reading the cylinder head width and "guestimating" from what cowl dimensions I had access to (prior to the kit arriving ) I bought an 170 R3.
The kit arrived first though, and bugger, the cowl was not round but eliptical and it looked like the motor would not fit. Well. much to my delight, when the motor arrived, and I married them up (duly expecting that it was not going to be a match ) I found that the motor fitted inside the cowlwith a few mm to spare, but not only that, the mounting plate that is std on the R3 was a perfect distance from the firewall to the front of the all I needed to
do is ensure the motor was lined up, bore 4 holes and mount it.
The next thing was a suitable exhaust system, and Kelvin at Keleo Creations makes one that is very...Continue Reading