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Posted by kingsflyer | Mar 26, 2013 @ 10:33 PM | 32,344 Views
I added LEDs to my ParkZone T-28 to make it a night flyer. I didn't like the looks of LEDs that were stuck to the surface of planes, because they were too bright and you couldn't "see" the plane. My solution was to face the LEDs into the structure so the whole wing glows. Now I can see my plane and not just the LEDs.

Posted by kingsflyer | Mar 11, 2013 @ 05:21 PM | 28,613 Views
Here are some of my modification to the ModelAero Polaris Ultra. First let me say that Scott has produced a wonderful model and in stock form it flies great. However, I'm not happy unless my planes have spectacular vertical performance. Thus began my search for more power for my Polaris Ultra.

Mod 1 - My first mod was to mount the elevator servo through the bottom of the motor nacelle instead of using the stock ply mounting plate. I treated the servo electronics with CorrosionX and sealed the servo output shaft with Vaseline.

Mod 2 - My second mod was to install a larger motor to increase the performance of the Ultra on a 3-cell battery pack, and improve the balance. I have a bunch of 3-cell 2200 lipo packs and I wanted to be able to use them on my Ultra. With the stock weight motor, I had to shove the battery way back behind the battery compartment to get the Ultra to balance on the step. My Ultra was nose heavy with the stock motor weight. I finally settled on the Turnigy 35-36A 1400 kV motor.

This motor was a tight fit in the nacelle and the motor cowl needed to be trimmed a lot to get the motor to fit. With a Master Airscrew 8x6 3-blade prop, the Ultra came alive.

Mod 3 - However, this increased performance had its downside. The 20 gauge motor extension wires that Scott had originally supplied with the early kits were getting hot enough to melt the fuselage foam. Luckily Scott began supplying 16 gauge...Continue Reading
Posted by kingsflyer | Oct 17, 2010 @ 02:08 PM | 30,653 Views
We had our annual club Fall Float Fly and shrimp boil yesterday. Here is a link to the Picasa picture album from yesterday's festivities:

There are over 500 pictures - it takes a little while to upload. Have patience!

Here are a few of my favorites:

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Posted by kingsflyer | Apr 01, 2009 @ 10:41 PM | 35,545 Views
Here is Jesse Webb's Escapade. He choose a Saito 82 for his power source. I test flew it for him and I can tell you that it has PLENTY of power! I thought it might be nose heavy, but it wasn't. It flew really well.
Posted by kingsflyer | Mar 30, 2009 @ 11:08 AM | 35,316 Views
I just finished my Great Planes Escapade and thought I'd post a few pictures. I added the optional cowl and I think it really dresses up the front end of the plane. I like the plane, but if I were to build another one I'd only use one aileron servo and I'd use a better tail wheel mount to start out. The plane is small enough that one aileron servo should work fine. Two just adds unecessary weight. The tail wheel failed on mine after only two flights and I fly off a paved runway. The solder joint between the tail wheel and the steering arm broke loose.

For a full review, watch for Vic & Quinn Walton's Review coming to RCGroups soon.