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Posted by St. Martin | May 30, 2010 @ 07:49 AM | 52,921 Views
I figured a long time ago, that there was no real reason to have a blog. It mostly goes un-noticed. And..I have no problem saying or showing things in my threads or posts in others.

But, I guess the blog can be used to give explanations or info on my status as a modeler. So just some thoughts that I'll add on modeling subjects, Here are a few pet peve's of mine.:

Types of models catagories.

These have their place in our hobby. If it were not for the people, who would not even be in the hobby/sport if not for ARF's, the market would not exist for the development of the products we enjoy. And, pricing is better.

I rarely indulge in ARF's. I'm from the "old school". Arf's used to be called highly prefabricated. And still required a degree of talant and knowlege to be successful. I will say that I have to give a giggle, when I see a (modeler?) show up at the field, proud as all get out, with a plane he took out of a box. And act like he accomplished something. When all he did was alienate his wife with a CC charge. Or how about the guy who starts a thread: "My GWS ME-109 build"? Oh well...

I'm very grateful, I started in this hobby when..if you wanted a plane, you had to build it, or..find someone who could. I was the guy who could. And I still support my hobby doing so.


Here's where I can really get peturbed..A fiberglass fuselage, pre-sheeted foam wings, tail surfaces, is not a kit! That's...Continue Reading