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Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 30, 2017 @ 01:57 AM | 11,757 Views
V950 Hughes 300c part 3

Rotor head update. Swapped out the stock plastic v950 blades for 2 sets of trex 250 fibreglass units . Online reviews warned that they can vary in weight between matched pairs so to get three matched was a chore - a fair amount of tape on one, but otherwise they balanced out nicely overall. Secondly they are thinner at around 3mm, added blade 450 plastic rotor shims on the bottom then selected thin steel gearbox shims over the top. Bit of effort getting the tracking spot on. They look great and the stiffer section adds crispness to collective and cyclic response. And they are dirt cheap from hobbyking and if you have the patience required to balance and shim them they do provide a nice setup.

Another rotor blade worth investigation is the new lynx Oxy 2 blades , lynx quality and a sharp price.

Replaced the failed stock tail motor with a Walkera Master CP unit, cheaper than the WL part and has the pinion gear already fitted which also matched the 950 setup.

added blue tinted acetate "doors" goes nicely with the yellow canopy.

Overall it is flying really nicely and I can see it being a fun park flier from here on in

V950 - Hughes 300C scale build with triblade rotor head (5 min 6 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 17, 2017 @ 03:00 AM | 11,568 Views
Landing Gear Update

Got the alloy landing gear on, looks great. One thing to watch, you need to feed the battery through from the very rear now ; the rear alloy frame means you can't get it into place from the bottom !

top flying struts to the semi scale tail boom done, the lower struts to come (out off suitable ends) and to find some more scale like rear fins.

overall I think its looking pretty good !
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 16, 2017 @ 02:55 AM | 12,168 Views
The triblade is getting a new scale body - Schweizer 300c. Based on some old syma canopies, thanks Murray! the fit up was quite straight forward. Allot of trial fits to decide on the drilling points for the lower front canopy pins.

After allot of trying it just wasnt possible to get the canopy to overlap the rear canopy pins and remain with the battery tray tucked into the lower canopy edge. Hot glued on some plastic hex standoffs to tie into the canopys rear mounts, these are needed as the rear section "fuel drum" vibrate badly if not secured.

See my blog for details of the triblade conversion.

Intial test hovers, all good.

Next stage is to add an alloy landing gear setup and some additional rear stays for a better scale appearance and the boom tube covering and correct tail fin.

The yellow is growing on me and I know it will be easy to see flying....Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 02, 2017 @ 01:44 AM | 11,737 Views
Upgraded main motor and tail blade, now ditching the blade 2in1 esc unit. Test unit for my UH-1 Huey build, turnigy 18a plush main esc and dys xm10a unit for the tail. Bench test all plug n play, dead easy. Plush is exactly that, plush with its nice smooth start and 2A bec to power everything. Dys is flashed with blheli so we can tune that in to !

Now to clean it all up, and detail it out , test fly it and fine tune the esc units then fit up into the huey shell.

Now to do the same on my powered up 200srx tri blade with hi po main motor.... A soft smooth start will be great on that as well.