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Posted by fishycomics | Dec 11, 2011 @ 10:51 PM | 6,445 Views
While working on this please continue to read.

So a short time later, the champ, learned real fast, and T28 not a problem flying, others telling forget the rudder stick for now, I read from what some members had, and asked a hell of a lot of questions. More and more I asked more and more the pressure of getting one, so I got one, on order, Picked up a DX5E, soon after a DX6I as well.

I ordered from Hobbyzone, I got a spare battery a few propellers, the larger one 10x8, and Plane is here WOW!, out the box, I tear into the install, another install video .

video to be posted

As I waited a whole 8-10 days a few more days cannot hurt, Sat is here, to the field I go, got a lovely Maidon. crash. another maidon video

video to be installed

try again I get a good flight in but something is just not right, I believe I crashed and was not a good one, headed to the trees. the fish climbs a tree.

video to be installed

yes not another tree video.

so as a kid I was again climbing a small tree, plane retrieved, head back out to fly another day and figuring out what could be wrong so a number of observations,and sems that the Tx may be bad, or Rx, all unsure. ATP get back out and get one good flight in and I am heading to another tree, not good this time, the plane broke, wing, Cowl, and spent awhile trying to collect my thoughts

yes not another tree crash video again.

video to be installed

Finally after all said and done, I...Continue Reading


Posted by fishycomics | Dec 11, 2011 @ 10:08 PM | 6,164 Views
After posting about my story of the Champ. I continue along the road, with the Parkzone flyer trojan T28:

The next plane with airlons, a much harder plane to step up to from a beginners point of view. SInce I concoured the Champ gotten a good handel. I went out and tossed the T28 up in the calm of a storm Hurricaine Irene. I had a minute Maidon, and some more. Before that days flight was over. The cowl, weakest point of plane has substain damage. Reading how sturdy, strong, and fun this plane is, not for me, I am just a beginner, still getting my hands wet, in a hobby all over again. I come back I open and repair showing my unconventional way with some thin plastic insert to protect the cowl, wondering if the mods thatothers told were better or not. Off I go a much better flight. finding out that airlons turn the plane much better than the rudder, The rudder on the T28 basically should not be used, has minimal effect, if you ask me, just me.

Mor confident I got, the more I wanted to try different things. I added my 808 #3 cloned cam, gotten what others said washard to do footage on the go. It is a very difficulttask, but I acomplished it. I have had a blast, and switched off flying, with my fairly new DX5E. hearing others say time to get the DX6I.

Soon after some of my flights I have damaged more my champ, and refixed both. There was oneday I had trouble from the start getting some height, finally gettting a great feel for her, to soon after...Continue Reading
Posted by fishycomics | Sep 23, 2011 @ 06:34 PM | 6,508 Views
Thank you for joining me, I have been a member since 2006, a lot longer than some, and not as long as others.

I am proud of who I am, and have been in this hobby since the early 1970's. cars, trucks, plane and boat, I grew up, and now back into the Hobby.

I keep a positive atitude, and do my best to pass on what others have shown me. I have fun with what I do, is that what is not a hobby all about?

We all have stories, good one bad ones even rare ones. So let me start by sharing my story of the Hobbyzone HBZ4900 Champ in a essay to a video and then some.

Please be advised this is my biography, and my life, you may find it to be fictional or factional, viewer descretion. My story is for all ages. on that note, join me in my journey, the champ:

People come and go, and a few names come to mind, one of the member that truely turned me on was ***** awhile back, a very Polite and Nice gentleman, He directed me to a Slowtick, while another member pointed to a Champ. Ever since then back in Nov 2010, I was hooked.

I have gone through a number of parts, and even purchased a spare champ for my winter vacation, that I am now flying to this day. It is amazing, how I now can look back, how much money I invested only on the champ alone. If I add it up, i is around a dollar a day, even less.

You will hear some say they flew only one, and never bought a part, to some losing their planes and always looking for more. No matter how it goes, it's all about...Continue Reading