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Posted by JeffMac | Jan 31, 2014 @ 06:56 PM | 6,018 Views
Hi Everyone -

This is my Earl Stahl Fokker D8. It is a 1941 antique free flight design which used a Forster 29 or O&R.23 ignition engine. It was published in a two part article in Model Airplane News June and July 1941. It was also published in the "Air Age Gas Models " book. The late Earl Stahl designed this and it is a semi-scale model with excellent flying ability.... It thermals well and flies close in and slow when you want !

I first saw this model in 1982 when I purchased the " Air Age Gas Models " book which I can't say enough good about ! My model was built with the plans in the book and my issues of MAN from 1941.

I was inspired to build it to fly in the SAM champs in 2006? which featured the D8. Well, working on this model in the motel room at Muncie just didn''t complete it enough so it didn't fly during the champs! rats. However, I finished it spring of 2007. I did get to meet Earl Stahl in person who attended the champs in2006 !!

It flies great and I highly recommend this model as a semi scale light weight classic antique design of the German air services advanced fighter plane from 1918.

Vitals - E-flite park 480 outrunner, DX6 spektrum equipment. Thunderpower 2 cell 1900 MAH LIPO which mounts directly below the outrunner. 57 " wingspan and a flying weight of 31 ounces. The wheels are balsa similar to the originals, the structure is balsa as well. The covering is a mix of ultracote and ultracote lite.The original airfoil appears to be a Charlie Grant which is thick and gently undercambered All cabane and landing gear wire is 1/16 with bamboo bound with thread and glued to the wires " for effect " I'm using the lower KV model of the 480 and may try the higher KV version for a little more rpm, but its not needed.

Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | Jan 28, 2014 @ 08:54 PM | 5,267 Views
Hi Everyone -

This is my 1935 ?Jimmy Allen THUNDERBOLT 200 % electric r/c - unfinished still.

I obtained a print made from the original Country Club Aero supply Co. and
sure liked the model. I thought a 48" electric would be nice!

So, several years ago I started construction then stopped. I may work on this bird this spring and summer and get it done.

My model uses cane reed for wingtips, stab outlines and most of the fin. I did sneak in some bamboo for the cockpit outline. The remainder is balsa.

I intend to use litespan with paint or litespan trim for the finish. I may use some of my new " doculam" on some parts ?

VITALS : 1935 radio show theme design, original rubber powered model is 24" span, my RC version is double size = 48". Wing and landing gear is mounted on fine wire struts and will have some shaped bamboo lashed with thread and cement for effect... SK400XT motor and 10 amp ESC intended along with 2.4 GHZ spectrum equipment. Eflite or GWS servos and 1.2MM carbon push rods. A two cell 1300MAH LIPO should be plenty. I estimate the flying weight to be 12 - 16 ounces

Anyway, here is where it's at so far....

Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | Jan 26, 2014 @ 03:56 PM | 5,993 Views
Hi Everyone-

This is my BURD models " KORDA WORLD RECORD HOLDER" from 1937 or so. I built it from a copy made from an original BURD models plan.

I learned that this is NOT Dick Korda's wakefield winner, but an earlier model which had a 54 minute flight that won the " Moffet " trophy in 1937.

BURD and MEGOW kitted the 1939 WAKEFIELD winner but only BURD kitted the 54 minute world record holder.

In November 2001 a buddy called me to tell about an RC electric " GollyWock published in rc modeler magazine. ( Dec 2001 ) That turned the switches to go mode: I had not built an electric since 1983!! GWS equipment had revolutionized the hobby by making affordable micro equipment !
With all the research I had done to learn about the record holder I decided that was the one to build ! It was finished the spring of 2002.

This model was entirely built from the plan - I used a GWS litestick type motor and gearbox to run an 11-4.8 prop and a NIMH 2/3AAA 6 cell battery pack for power. This model flew well from the start ! It was a challenge for me to convert from rubber power to an electric rc system !

It''s not been flown for several years now - but I do want to upgrade to 2.4GHZ and a small brushless / LIPO power system sometime..

VITALS - GWS recvr / ESC / Servos/ NIMH or NICAD pack, litespan and black acylic paint... decals made from scans.. 44 inch span, 8 to 9 ounce weight ready to fly as is.... it would fly 5 to 10 minutes depending...Continue Reading
Posted by JeffMac | Jan 25, 2014 @ 11:08 PM | 5,246 Views
Hi Everyone-

The MITE Diesel .099 diesel is scanned directly from my copy of the May 1947 issue of AIR WORLD.

The McCoy " Custom announcement ad is scanned directly from my copy of the Feb 1967 AMERICAN MODELER.


Posted by JeffMac | Jan 18, 2014 @ 09:25 PM | 6,331 Views
Hi Everyone-

This is an 'OK' Engines sales brochure from 1947 scanned from my original.

Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | Jan 18, 2014 @ 08:04 PM | 5,145 Views
Hi Everyone-

I built several of these 24" rubber freeflights as a kid and more recently.

3 years ago I built a new one from plans for the parkzone " brick" unit and P51 power unit. This still flies great and weighs around 1.25 ounces covered with ultracote lite.

This summer I wanted to build a second plane ( for my Wife hehehe) she supports and enjoys my planes truly... anyway I decided to enlarge the kit plan of 24" to 36". It flies awesome! My wife got to fly it on the very first flight - after I tried and had the rudder reversed and I " dorked " it with no damage luckily....

VITALS - laminated wood fuse stick, own design airfoil with multi spars, polyspan equal covering finished with nelson clear and nelson blue water base paint. Hobbyking 14ooKV outrunner, 8-4 to 9-3.8 prop, thunderbird 9 esc, lemon RC 2.4 rcvr, eflite micro servos, 1.2 mm carbon pushrods. Battery is any 2 cell LIPO that will put out 5-7 amps so the plane adapts for wingloading on windy days or if I want longer flights I just put on a 1300 MAH two cell LIPO...
I have weighed it and it's around 10.3 ounces with a 1300 mah lipo ready to fly...

3-19-14 - I finally painted the pylon and added Velcro for the recvr and ESC etc..
3-20-14 - flying- pic of improvements added....

It is a fun to fly model !

Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | Jan 18, 2014 @ 07:38 PM | 6,052 Views
Hi Everyone-

In 1979 in Junior High school ,I read this article by the late Dean Swift.

Years later at a Des moines rc club auction I bought a well worn oil soaked

model for it's TD engine I recognized as a COIN FOO. Again, years later this

oil soaked model sat in limbo and electric had come of age, I electrified it!

Anyway, the old model was in sorry shape so I eventually scrapped it after several years of flying it.

The model flies exactly as Dean describes and has all the attributes he

valued and recognized. The new one was the first model I built (2013)since

getting married 1 year ago - my wife enjoyed seeing the plane take shape

piece by piece....

It's built from the original article included below but plans are available still from


Much of the fun of our hobby comes from the people and I was acquainted with

Mr. Swift from engine collecting. He was quite a personality to say the least!!!!!

VITALS - Hobby Lobby SK400 XT outrunner, castle thunderbird 9 ESC, 3 cell

turnigy high output 1100 MAH LIPO. SPEKTRUM DX6. Covering is a material

equal to polyspan, painted with nelson clear and waterbased acrylic orange.

The landing gear from the first model was re-used as a tribute Wingspan is

35.5". I need a new digital scale but am afraid to weigh all the paint ! It does

fly great though !

Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | Jan 18, 2014 @ 06:20 PM | 4,445 Views
Hi Everyone -

I found the brochure which came with my Super Tigre G31 diesel r/c obtained on trade 20 years ago...

The folds aren't perfect so the scans are " bent " - I wasn't going to risk damaging the paper...


Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | Jan 12, 2014 @ 02:32 PM | 4,268 Views
Hi Everyone-

This FUJI engine brochure came with a FUJI .049 glow engine I traded for

about 20 years ago.

FUJI was the third largest Japanese engine producer following behind ENYA

and OS. FUJI engines were not exported to the U.S.A. until the late 1970s into

the early 80s. I had a bad experience with my FUJI 25 ABC IBS RC - it was a


Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | Jan 11, 2014 @ 01:34 PM | 4,552 Views

Hi Everyone -

This is my Frank Ehling " Triangle " built from Model Builder plans in 2004.

It has had several different electric power and battery combinations and radios. I started with a brushed 280 gear drive and Nimh cells. The current ( ) power set up is a 2 cell LIP 2200 Mah thunderpower and a " clone " of a Hacker inrunner with a GWS type geardrive. This turns an 11-6 slo flyer prop. It will fly over an hour with this set up.

22 ounce flying weight, Ultracote LITE and SPEKTRUM DX6 radio system. 48 " span all balsa except the wing spar I used hardwood as shown on the plan. This could be changed to hard balsa or combinations of different materials for weight savings.

It is my most relaxing, sedate flying model and does wonderful single wheel touch and goes

Best Regards,

Posted by JeffMac | Jan 09, 2014 @ 09:41 PM | 4,814 Views
Hello Everyone -

This is my BEST by TEST AIRFLOW 40 electric wakefield. It was built from a copy made from an original plan from 1940. It is a SAM approved 8 ounce wakefield.

I built this for the SAM electric wakefield rc event. So far, I've managed to grab last place twice. The climb is competitive, but I need to work on the glide to do better.

Regardless, it was a fun project and flies wonderfully !

VITALS : 40" span, 9 ounce flying weight/ speed 300 / two cell LIPO/ SPEKTRUM DX6 equipment. LITESPAN covering. All balsa except the stab outlines and wingtips are cane reed as shown on the plan.

More pics were added 2-14-14.....

Best Regards,