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Posted by 7car7 | Dec 07, 2007 @ 11:52 AM | 7,246 Views
Here's some pics and info about my GWS Pico Tiger Moth. It came with the larger 350 motor.

It's an absolute joy to fly.
I did a few mods to this one, during the build, and after a crash or two.

I started out by puting 1/64 ply on the sides of the fuse. May have been un-necessary, but after my 3D busted twice at the wood pegs, I didn't want to see that again.

Built up the landing gear a bit, works pretty good, but I still get a twisted wheel alignment on some landings.

I put wing wires on, and after a good crash, I added a carbon tube under the lower wing. It's split in the middle, and a wire is epoxied in the tube to give dihedral.

The wheels in these photos are 2.5 Dubro, with paper covers.
But since the pictures were taken, I have foam tires on light 5 spoke plastic wheels. Much better on sandy baseball diamonds.

I wanted a way to get the battery out easy, but make it a bit nicer than just slinging it underneath with rubber bands. So I made a little foam box with a door. The rear half of the box open up when the rubber bands are slid over. I have a 2 cell, 800mah, but I made it big enough for a slightly larger battery.

As far as paint, I just used some very light coats of regular enamal spray paint. Couldn't find what I wanted in acrylic.

Oh, one last mod I did, which is my favorite. I reduced the height of the struts by 5/8 inch. That brought the top wing down a bit, and also back a bit.
I was not happy with the very high top wing on the stock moth.

I've had this plane in some pretty stiff wind, it does great! What a fun plane.

Oh, forgot to mention - AUW is 13.2oz - remember, it's a 350.