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Posted by xatled99 | Jul 15, 2007 @ 01:23 PM | 2,957 Views
Logged four flights on the formosa yesterday. I tried a GWS 9x5 prop but wasn't crazy about the loss of speed, so I switched back to the GWS 7x6. I finally mounted the dubro spinner after sanding out the backplate hole a bit.
Posted by xatled99 | Jul 10, 2007 @ 03:30 PM | 2,933 Views
I still need a collet for the APC 8x4 folding prop and it appears that the Dubro spinner is a bit too small. I flew a bit today with a GWS 7x6 prop. The aileron flutter is gone and the plane now loops nicely instead of snaprolling. Flights cut short due to thunderstorms.
Posted by xatled99 | Jul 08, 2007 @ 08:39 PM | 2,932 Views
I used some pushrod guide tube as a bushing for the aileron torque rods. I sliced it open and pushed it around the torque rod, taped over the cut so glue wouldn't seep in, and gorilla glued it in place. The aileron linkage seems much tighter now. I also put in the cowling mounts and replaced the bent motor shaft. New Dubro spinner and APC 8x4 folding prop should arrive tomorrow.
Posted by xatled99 | Jul 03, 2007 @ 04:28 PM | 2,986 Views
I extended the aileron torque rods by CA'ing 1.25" of pushrod guide tube on to them and then gorilla glued them in to the ailerons. I then glued the torque rod itself to the aileron leading edge, which I neglected to do the first time around. In retrospect, I should have used epoxy rather than gorilla glue for this job. Rehinged with blenderm; top and bottom this time, not just the top. I also reinforced the motor mount by epoxying in a disc of plywood and bolting through that.

I'd hoped that the stiffness from the additional layer of tape would damp out any flutter, but upon flying again today, that was not the case. Apparently the flutter is coming from too much slop in the torque rods. It's unclear if I'll be able to tighten those up at all by adding wheel collars or something to act as a bushing.

Managed to bend a prop shaft on landing, too.

The plane seems to do pretty much unlimited vertical, but it snaprolls when I try to do a loop; guessing the CG is too far aft.
Posted by xatled99 | Jul 02, 2007 @ 06:55 AM | 2,784 Views
Tower Hobbies: GWS Formosa, Econokote covering, 3M Blenderm hinge tape
Hobby Lobby: Thunder Power 1320 3s LiPo
FMA Direct: Encore dc rx
rchotdeals: TowerPro 2408-21 + HiModel 18A ESC

All construction was with gorilla glue.
16.1oz AUW.

The maiden flight was only a minute long due to aileron flutter; I landed quickly and without damage.