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Here is some info on OS FS-61 four stroke glow engines. I may be editing it for a little while.

I found a reciept in an FS-61 box here:
Name: 80BC3B11-8620-4C74-8E18-E9633BC89EA6.jpg
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Size: 1.62 MB
Dated 6-14-1986 for 1:45pm. $161.80 after tax.

So i have a few different OS-FS-61 Exhaust systems, prop nuts and washers. They all came with FS-61 engines. The Drive washers are all the same, fyi. I will go into more detail...

Notice: The FS-61 does not require exhaust back pressure to run properly.

One exhaust system i have includes a legit full-size muffler which is like a Saito 'can style' system of yore. It has an elbow-style manifold which screws into both engine and muffler like a Saito. The muffler looks to be OS OEM, but is considered optional for the FS-61. The Manifold may be from another engine.
I believe the Muffler is an OS piece because It is featured in an article in Sceptre Flight. The manifold looks different. I sold a system like this, a while back, from another FS-61.

The other exhaust system looks exactly same as on the FS-40 'Pre-Surpass.' It is 2 parts, like on an Enya 46-4C. It consists of a standalone pipe which can be run independently without back pressure. Or the pipe may be connected to a 'small chamber' via 2 setscrews which are on the chamber.
Name: 3277FF7B-FB4F-4F18-99A9-FF34D34B5BEC.jpg
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The 'small chamber' looks like a tiny muffler, but is actually only used for exhaust back-pressure and is not meant to reduce noise.

I am assuming this second exhaust system came with the FS-61 as standard, according to an article by Peter Chinn in...Continue Reading
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Under construction since March 6th, 2021.

If you followed my blog post #5 about native MAVLink telemetry with RadioMaster TX16S, you are aware that we can use the TX16S top USB-C in MAVLink routing mode to connect to a ground control station, such as Mission Planner or QGroundControl.

Without the modification to the radio hardware as explained in this post, there is one caveat when using the top USB-C port connected to ground control station, and this has to do with the specialty of the internal microcontroller in most OpenTX radios and the schematic wiring used. Namely, the main microcontroller of TX16S boots in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode when the cable is connected on power-up and does NOT run the normal OpenTX code.
This stems from a feature of the STM32F429BI in TX16S together with the electrical schematic devised by RadioMaster where the BOOT0 pin is connected to VBUS and there is unfortunately no software workaround. Thus, either the hardware needs modifications or the user needs to disconnect the cable from PC every time the radio is powered up.

Luckily the required hardware modification is not complex, but on the other hand is definitely not something for a soldering novice. Also, this voids the warranty.

In order to stop TX16S entering DFU mode when it is powered up via USB-cable, only a single resistor needs to be removed and another resistor needs to be added at other location on the mainboard. But be aware that this completely disables the possibility...Continue Reading
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As a long time Futaba tray transmitter user, I was used to having additional controls on my sticks, e.g. to control a camera gimbal. After making a jump to OpenTX, got myself TX16S and made a tray modification (see my blog post #7). Nevertheless, I was still missing my old beloved stick controls.

I could not find readily available commercial solution for TX16S, so went the road of customization. Here's the final result:

The trickiest part is to get a hollow shaft into the existing sticks, as they are from solid material with a M4 thread:

I disassembled the TX16S hall sticks and very carefully in a lathe I was able to drill 2.0 mm through-holes into the stick pins:

...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
YACINE devient mon Coach officiel ! lol. Cette vidéo devait être, au départ, une review relax et assez courte .. et bien c'est raté, désolé ! 4 sujets vont être abordés, le sujet principal c'est le test, comme promis, de la nouvelle enceinte nomade PA01 de chez BOMAKER. Puissante, autonome et très polyvalente, cette mini sono mobile sera très efficace dans différentes activités, animation, karaoké, coaching etc... Le son et la puissance sont au rendez vous et les possibilités nombreuses. En bref, un produit intéressant à un tarif plutôt raisonnable. 3 autres sujets seront abordés, un concours dans la vidéo, un live en prévision et un petit débat sur le nouveau pack DJI FPV avant de le recevoir pour des tests sur le terrain... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Bomaker PA01 Enceinte Bluetooth Karaoke Nomade - Review Test Démo - DJI FPV, on en parle ? (54 min 21 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18/20 La puissance nomade, défi FPV !

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Qu'est ce que BANGGOOD EXPRESS :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS BANGGOOD 2020 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis à jour quotidiennement, en utilisant ces liens,...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Jusqu'à 30mn de vol, c'est ENORME !!! Nous testons aujourd'hui le Crocodile Baby de chez GEPRC. Encore un 4 pouces Mid/Long Range qui à fait son entrée il y a quelques mois dans cette catégorie. Et bien, sans faire de jeu de mot, il va en croquer plus d'un je pense ! lol. Proposé dans toutes les versions possibles, analogique, numérique ou HD (Tarsier), à un tarif très raisonnable, ce petit engin est très polyvalent. Il se défend plutôt bien en Freestyle pour un 4 pouces et il bat tous les records d'autonomie avec 25 à 30mn de vol avec une batterie Li ion de bonne qualité (lien ci-dessus VTC6). Bien tuné d'origine et livré dans une boite remplie d'accessoires importants, c'est le petit engin parfait pour se faire la main, avec, des vols sécurisés (GPS) et un excellent temps de vol même avec une Lipo 850mAh (10mn). En bref, peut être pas le meilleur de la catégorie mais certainement le plus polyvalent dans tous les domaines et le mieux fourni... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

GEPRC Crocodile Baby - Review Test Démo - 4 pouces LongTime / Freestyle (37 min 22 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18.5/20 Fiable et bien équipé !!!

Pack DJI FPV COMBO en précommande 1072€ avec ces coupon BGAFF10OFF ou BGCuponation10 ou BGhoney2110 :
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Coupon Valable sur toutes les version du CroCodile Baby : BGAFF10OFF
- GEPRC Crocodile Baby analogique Ratel : ...Continue Reading
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Being previously a long time Futaba tray radio user and being accustomed to controlling sticks by pinching, I put my TX16S into a tray.

AHLtec offers two tray options for TX16S: a fiberglass and a carbon. I picked the carbon version for optics. And as I was planning to use spatially slightly separated DragonLink, instead of the internal radio MULTI-module, the vicinity to large electrically conductive carbon surfaces was less of a concern for me.

The AHLtec tray comes as a kit and needs to be assembled. It fits TX16S perfectly, the build quality of the carbon parts is excellent. I had to file a bit the mounting holes in the metal braces in order for them to perfectly fit and not damage the thread of the screws during assembly.

...Continue Reading
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The 1st drive in the city was awful. The radio has had growing pains, as it has been driven farther. It 1st started dropping out when near a phone tower. In the city, phone towers are a lot more common & the radio was all over the place. Never had this problem with the higher power 900Mhz radios. The lower power 900Mhz radio is no match for phone towers. It's surprising how frequency hopping made no difference. There's not enough room in the remote for an XBee.

There are other single chip radios besides the MRF49XA/SI4421. Antenna placement is not the best. They're bundled with a lot of other wires. Another idea is creating a phone app to make the spectrum analyzer portable enough to find out what is jamming it.

In the apartment, the spectrum analyzer shows it neatly divided into 9 channels as programmed. It's hard to believe anything could jam out all 9 channels. There are still a few blips when it's off.

Lions aren't very enthused about creating another phone app for test & measurement. Goog has clamped down more & more over the years on what apps are allowed to do. Out of a growing desire to have more control than Goog allows, there's a growing desire to fabricate a portable confuser out of a single board confuser, bare LCD panel, bare keyboard & touchpad. The single board confuser would be standalone inside a brick. The keyboard & monitor would be in a separate clamshell, either connected by wireless to the confuser or some kind of dock, but it wouldn't be transported in 1 piece like a laptop. It would be a 2 piece laptop.
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Hello Everyone,

This is Catherine from QS company.

This is Traxxas ID Charge Lead Set 2S 3S 4S Adapters 3 Adapter Connector.
High-quality charge leads for use with Traxxas ID equipped batteries and chargers. Allows you to charge ID plug equipped batteries with a standard Traxxas style charge lead..Set of 3 leads for use with 2S, 3S and 4S batteries..High-quality silicone wire..

Any question,Please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Best Regards,
Catherine Chen
QS Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd

M 86 134 80010457 P 86 (0) 769 84750417 Skype chenmin19911 Email [email protected]
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Hehehehehe Believe it or not !

Yeah , thats a hotgucam .

Short Story Time .

I got me these ELE cams a long time ago when they were like all the rage ! The all black cam suffered a LCD fail , as in it simply stopped working . But the cam recorded video just fine , I just had no LCD image .
Recently the other ELE cam has started corrupting video ..
Its a dull - windy Saturday afternoon - so what to do ?

I know , I will butcher the corrupted cam for it's LCD screen and also to see how the cam is ass-embled
Having removed the LCD screen from the corrupting cam I did a LCD swap ..
Black cam now has a working LCD screen , but .......

Was the original LCD screen faulty ?
So I plugged it into the now some what FUBAR ELE cam to see if the screen worked ...

Oh yeah , it worked ! What a terrible dilemma , the FUBAR cam might actually still function ( ok it was corrupting video ) . But it is a dull Saturday afternoon , so what else to do ? Yeah , just got to Frankenstein it back together with some hot glue .
Actually , I only had some 4 spare cams .. I could have just tossed the corrupting cam in the rubbish bin and swapped in one of the parked cams . But that would simply have meant I was still bored !
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Radiolink T8FB FHSS 8CH Mode2 Transmitter Bluetooth Version with R8EF 8CH Receiver - Review Part 3

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Here is a link to the Video:

Get One Here: Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 Bluetooth Version (Amazon)

Get One Here: Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 Bluetooth Version (AliExpress)

Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Transmitter Bluetooth & Receiver - Review Part 1 Test Flight

Radiolink T8S FHSS 8CH Mode2 RC Transmitter Bluetooth with Receiver - Review Part 2

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$9 23 knife at the rope (12 min 4 sec)

Some times , rarely - But some times . You have a win !

This knife has been teasing me for about a year now . And for my birthday I got some winning lottery tickets ( Chump Change ) .
Yeah , the wins were chump change as far as lottery wins go but ... enough money to buy a $9.23 knife that's been calling out to me for around 12 months or so . I mean , who am I not to fall for that siren song

A) For $9.23 it's really well made , no play - everything is tight - I mean nothing to complain about .
B) The factory edge was paper slicing sharp - That was a surprise - especially at the price point of 9 bananas .
C) The grind was ok except that each side was at a different angle - A lot of companies are doing that !
D) I mean , this is a no name budget junk knife right ?

Slicing rope :

Factory edge .......... Well that factory edge gave 80 slices which is almost double what I was expecting !

180 grit Diamond cut edge ....... This is where things got very interesting . Really interesting ! Especially if you like good cheap knives . Cheap and good dont usually go together ! when talking knives ( Until today )

Around 70 slices I noticed the edge was having issue getting through the edge of the paper , I suspected that the edge might be rolling . And the edge had in deed rolled . But the knife kept going and the roll started to diminish . The knife just kept going till the edge failed after 240 slices . 240 slices of rope out of a $9.23 knife . That is crazy .... This knife kicks a lot of more expensive knives to the curb . I cant even begin to rubbish Brand name knife makers enough when a cheap knife outperforms more expensive bragged about knives .

Yeah , buying a knife is like buying a lottery ticket ... Some times you win !
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Got a nice 30 min thermal flight with my Heron today and my flying buddy got the same with his Night Radian. He offered me to have a flight and I launched with power off then slowly advanced the throttle but at 3/4 I heard severe vibration so landed. I looked between the spinner and firewall to see the firewall had a large crack that was allowing the prop and motor to flex and vibrate. With full power it’s highly likely the motor and prop would separate from the fuselage and result in an out of control crash. He will be using a new plastic motor mount. Reinforcing the front and rear plastic firewall with a stronger material is recommended. I will be using aluminum sheet.
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Top hull and deck ready to go, then more rain!

Hopefully I'll get a window over the weekend to get the last of the color coat down.

Picked up some SprayMax 2k Glamour Coat.
Probably be a while before I get to that, needs to be a consistent 65* so it says.

Looks shorter and fatter than it really is.
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It is convenient in this work to measure incidence, not relative to the chord line as is normal, but to a line parallel to the flow direction which results in zero lift. This line is known as the ‘no-lift line’, and eliminates the no-lift angle from our equations even for cambered aerofoil sections.

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Pic upload test
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My buddy, Gary, pulled his phone out for my maiden and gave permission to share. Enjoy!

Maiden Flight of my Freewing F-15C Eagle 90mm High Performance EDF Jet - Motion RC (5 min 9 sec)

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Been wanting something to carry around an Insta360 for a little while now. Saw this HappyModel Cine8 and figured for the price I'd give it a shot. Build is really straight forward and super easy since there's no soldering required. The included assembly instructions leave quite a bit to be desired, but it's simple enough to figure out how it all goes together.

The flight controller arrives configured for props out, so if you assemble it with the motors with the red dots on the connectors as motors two, and three then you won't have to change motor directions in BLHeli. The Whoop feels really solid once assembly is complete. The 1202.5 8000kv motors are also quite smooth and on the included 3s Tattu battery there is plenty of power on tap.

I've only had a chance to get a couple quick flights on it so far, but I'm pretty impressed with how well it flies. It doesn't feel quite as heavy in the air as I was expecting, and I'm confident that it will be able to get some great footage with the Insta360 on it. I'll update this after I've spent more time flying it....Continue Reading
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As I am still waiting for several key parts to arrive through the covid curtailed postal system, something I did receive was a new old stock 1.3gHz Nexwave receiver module for my goggles.
I am not planning to be dependent on this alternative to a ground station in any way, but like the idea of having some freedom to fly my 1.3gHz planes and wings in shorter range situations without the hassle of setting up a ground station, which was my only previous option.
I found the early version of the Fatshark/Nexwave modules on AE at a virtual giveaway price, and after doing some research found there were three versions originally released from around six years ago with all of them enjoying a fairly short period of availability. This may have been due the the V1 and V2 versions having some serious image quality problems, and the V3 having sorted these problems out with a complete design overhaul where it then only spent a very short period on the market before getting pulled from sale... very strange as it's just a receiver.
The versions I found on AE were the V1 and V2-(1.6), and after carefully examining some old Youtube footage put up by dismayed users of these modules I deemed the image quality problem to be a termination issue which I was fairly confident I could overcome.

Upon receiving the module and testing it my suspicions were confirmed, the video output signal level was close to double the regular 1V p-p for composite, and only required level correction (matching) to get...Continue Reading