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Posted by turbinefancy | Feb 07, 2011 @ 05:07 AM | 11,388 Views
Though this plane is a ARF, it took me a long time to assemble and adjust. I spend days to dynamically balance the stock spinner; also had to route the spinner back plate to lessen the gap between cowl and spinner and allow use of two blade prop.

Other improvements include:
Upgraded ESC to Turnigy Plush 60AMP - stock one popped at WOT
Cut cooling air exit hole behind radiator scoop
Shimmed landing gear for forward rake and adjust gear doors
Shimmed Motor mount for more downward thrust line
Bent rudder push rod to reduce binding
Loc-Tite all motor screws and re-tighten
Gorilla glued the firewall to foam bulkhead - reduced motor wiggle
Painted cowl to match yellow trim color - stock was to dark
Painted 4 blade prop tips yellow - stock used stickers
Reinforced all control surface hinges with tape
Glazed all edges with heavy duty clear tape for dent resistence and make plane glisten in flight
Taped wing joints at bottom for strength and also covered all under wing cavities for lower drag
Polished canopy with rubbing alcohol for better clarity and sharper definition of frame
Gave "Goofy" the pilot a make over, now he has bigger eyes, strong eyebrows, and goatee beard
Using APC 13x10 Prop for longer flight time and faster top speed

This P-51D Marie flies like a pattern plane now.
Posted by turbinefancy | Feb 02, 2011 @ 03:32 AM | 10,889 Views
This past year and half have been fun. I had not flown an RC model for 20 years but the PZ Corsair, with its gentle flying characteristic quickly rebuilt my skills and rekindle my love for RC flight. With an upgraded motor, my corsair excels at sportsman aerobatics. After 300+ flight, including 2 incidents of lost/delayed radio control, the plane still has not broken any foam parts and is still my favorite warm-up plane. The addiction grows....

FMS Skytrainer 182 - to teach my kid and dad how to fly.

Rob Smith Esport 10 - inexpensive classic pattern plane charm, tracks like an arrow, even survived a torn off motor/firewall in flight with only torn landing gear

3DHS Vyper - a hybird to try my hand at 3D while retaining some look and feel of pattern flying

Starmax F/A 18 - my EDF trainer and a good one at that, no longer in my hangar.

Unique Model Tech T-50 - sweet looking EDF jet with robust electric servoless retracts and sprung gear doors and electric raising canopy/cockpit as battery hatch, a little slow but very stable.

GP ElectriFly Fokker Dr1 - great looker, I have honed my rudder skills on the Corsair and wanted to continue challenge myself to practice on a hard to land model. Still not quite there yet.

FMS P-51 - Mustang is my all time favorite warbird and this is my first RC model. It's now tuned to fly like a pattern plane and can draw 300 ft wide loops with ease. Looks awesome!