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Posted by vpresley | Sep 10, 2011 @ 10:49 PM | 6,276 Views
Things I Like:

1. People who keep their word.

2. If you sell something, sell it to the first person who offers you your price, and not the people who try to over bid them!! Also give them time to pay, at least 12 hours. To allow for working in the yard, going to the store, visiting friends, just not staying glued to the computer 24/7, and a host of other reasons that might be, and not listed here. Its just the right thing to do.

3 RCG is for Hobbyist, not the person who is always trying to buy low and sell high.

4. Help if you can, watch if you cant. Keep the gossip to a minimum.

5. If they don't want help or the benefit of your experience, you can watch them crash. Most times they do.

6. Be nice if you can, be silent if you cant, Defend vigorously if attacked by the DUMMY.

7. Your out there to have FUN, don't let anyone ruin it for you!

Things I dont like !!!!!!!!!!

1. People who ask for information that they can easily find themselves.

2. People who ask what's my next engine or plane.

3. People who complain all the time, without asking themselves, how can I solve this.

4. People who complain about the AMA, usually the magazine, and are only thinking of themselves.

5. Elitists who think their Doo Doo is non-odorous, because they spend more money, they are better than the average R/C Joe.

6. Overzealous Moderators in any forum

7. People who like OBAMA, Biden or Harris !!!