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Posted by GarryOgilvie | Jul 05, 2017 @ 04:53 PM | 8,388 Views
Broke my Boom...
So yesterday while flying with Brady and Dick I came in a little Hot and landed a little hard for my Xplorer and broke the boom at about the center point, right at it's weakest point.

I've had difficulty in the past with getting the boom lined up straight and true.

Thought about it overnight and wondered if the TD version and the Electric versions were the same shape. Both were the same length from the wing mounts to the tail, so they had to be very close.
I decided to make a plaster mold of the bottom half of the TD fuse and use it as a jig to align the broken fuse while gluing it back together.

The box is made from a $5 piece of 1" insulation foam from Lowes.
I sanded the ends so the fuse was about half way below the top of the mold. The TD fuse was wrapped with a single layer of cling wrap. The pink section is there to give me working room for the repair. Then sealed the ends with some putty to prevent leaks and poured plaster up to the top of the mold.
30 minutes later the plaster was set and the fuse was released from the mold. Cleaned up the top of the mold with a flat surform and it was ready to go.

The broken boom fit it exactly and the alignment was perfect.
Letting the thin CA fully cure and then I will add the carbon patch and she will be ready to fly again.

After the CA was fully cured I did a light sanding and cleaned it with denatured alcohol.
One narrow layer of 3/4 oz kevlar and one layer of 5 oz carbon, both cut on the bias.
Wrapped it with a layer of peel ply, a layer of paper towel, and wrapped it with stretch tape.
It will stay in the mold overnight.