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Posted by epoweredrc | Sep 29, 2020 @ 10:57 PM | 10,227 Views
Someone messaged me to ask me about the OMP m2 Explore that i own my thoughts and info about it so i thought i would put it all here also so that others can read it.

I have the OMP M2 Explore I purchased it back on July 10th 2020 so have had it almost 3 months now.
I got the Explore cause its a little cheaper then the V2 version, the difference between them is the Explore has plastic case servos where the V2 are aluminum, it has plastic swash plate and blade grips.
My first minor ( I thought) went down in tall grass crash broke the rear pin on the swash so i had to order the updated one.

Honestly if you have the extra to spend just get the V2 with all aluminum. I feel like the aluminum servos are worth it, cause i have looked and it doesn't seem like anyone sells the aluminum ones separate.

From what I have been told all of the V2,explores have the new updated governor and have been told they run better with a Flat curve.
mine is at 60%/70%/75% I normally just fly in stunt one, my tail holds great, I did bump up the speed for the tail from 5 to 7. for flying in mostly stunt mode 1
I flew more in stunt mode 2 this weekend and i did have the tail kick out with me on hard stops. (like doing a hard rainbow and stopping it fast going back the other way it kick 45 degrees on me.)
I might need to up it some more if i'm going to fly in stunt 2 more often.
it has so much power even in stunt one that i really don't need the extra power but it sounds cool.

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Posted by epoweredrc | May 15, 2020 @ 08:36 AM | 12,438 Views
So a guy in the RCG members (Carinteriorguy) posted about this motor after it seems the 2820 was out of stock, he said physically it was the same size but the V3 has even more power. This is a beautiful motor i think. if you like blue and silver I like real data so i installed the motor on my Electrostik that was motor less after stole the motor off it for my Mamba 10 i charged up my 3300 mah 4s 40C Zippy compact lipo and took it outside with the watt meter and tested a few props

First i tried a 13x4 Xoar prop I had left over from trying it on my Timber x.
I got 64.59 amps
974.0 watts

next up was a13x6.5 APC
77.74 amps
1131.8 watts

Next was a 12x8 APC
69.45 amps
1013.9 watts

last one a 12x6 APC
53.11 amps
790.6 watts

This motor seems to be a great fit for many airframes around 48 inch. There is one guy who is flying it in a skywing 48" plane, I am going to put it in the new Extreme flight Extra 300 V2.
I am really impressed by the data i see and guys its only a $40 motor.. you can't beat that, I have been a scorpion fan for many years, great motors but they have went up over the years as they got more popular these days i am all about what i can get for a great price that works. I will keep this up to date on the real flight data and flight count and how it is doing. one guy posted his older version had 1000 flights and still going strong. I love sunnysky motors i have a few of them already..
get yours here
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Posted by epoweredrc | May 10, 2019 @ 01:22 PM | 9,549 Views
This is a personal spot for me to put data on things for the ix12 Transmitter. I seem to forget how to do more and more things.
first one is how to make it call out your voltage while your flying. got this from another member on the site thank you kallend for the how to.

Model setup
Audio events
Custom reports
< tap "+" to select a switch to start the reporting, I use throttle cut but you can use any>
<set frequency at 30 sec>
<set "voice" to the macro "Flight Pack" and select "voltage"
"X" to exit the macro screen
- it should show as "Pack $RPM_volts">
Posted by epoweredrc | Aug 26, 2017 @ 11:43 AM | 28,306 Views
Hello everyone, Epoweredrc here and I just want to make a post here about the Taranis Radio, while this radio is awesome and does all kinda neat stuff that even the $1,000.00 Radios won't, it is not the easiest to learn to use.. it can be a channalage infact. I had given up using it twice, but finally within the opast month i decided to get it back out and get back to trying to program things with it.. I first got me a Orange module off ebay from a guy in FL cause though Hobbyking had them in stock the non US warehouse i didn't want to still be waiting for it months later. This is where i got mine from, it seems he gives discounts at times and i got mine when he had them fro $41.00 so as of couple days ago he had went up to $50 so pay attention to that...


This is a Short you tube video I posted just showing the module in the Taranis already.. I didn't want to remove it as I have heard the pins are easy to bend and didn't want to chance it.. it in the TX it works i like to keep it that way..
Short Video of my Orange module for Taranis (2 min 28 sec)

I found on the Taranis with module it depends on what aircraft/reciver your using in what mode it needs to be in.. I would really recomend looking in the classifieds and trying to get a DM9 module as everything i have read on these are you just put in bind mode and it finds the dsm or dxmx or whatever and binds to the unit..

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Posted by epoweredrc | Aug 19, 2014 @ 09:46 PM | 32,404 Views
Just a place to talk about the new DX6 radio and add a few pictures. Also check out my videos
Will be adding more to this later.
DX6 Part one, Overview (5 min 7 sec)

Part two

DX6 part two main menu Functions (10 min 40 sec)
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Posted by epoweredrc | Jun 20, 2013 @ 01:04 PM | 30,888 Views
So just found out about this calculator FMA came up with for there Powerlab chargers, you can also use this one for any other charger as long as you know your specs
Update 5/20/18 seems like the link is no longer valid.

Posted by epoweredrc | Dec 01, 2012 @ 08:40 AM | 35,352 Views
This will be a place for all the info about the new Edge 540qq I/we all keep loosing data in the very busy thread so here is a place for all to find hopefully what they need to know.

Battery info in thread here

Thunder power 325 65C 33 Grams $23.99 Wight with Velcro is 34-36g
Nanotech 370mah 25c 35Grams $4.23 edited I got mine and they are only 35g with Velcro I added
hyperion 450 mah 25c 42.5 grams $15.95
Glacier 450mah 25c 45 grams $4.50
Nanotech 460mah 25c 45 grams $4.72
Zippy compact 500 35c 48grams $7.50
Haiyin 500 mah 20c 50 grams $11.76
Gen ace 450 mah 25c 53 grams $4.00
nanotech 850 mah 25c 70 grams $6.43

RCBABBEL Battery info

BB Hyp (3S) 450 w/JST-XH...
BB Hyp (3S) 550 w/JST-XH...

slo-fly Prop info. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...postcount=1920

The gws 7035dd pulls 102.5 watts and 8.87 amps with a hyperion 450mah 25c.
The thunder power 325mah 65c pulls 106.6 watts and 9.15 amps.


It seems the TP 65c are the best battery, there light weight, plus you have a very fast recharge time

If anyone else is like me and is wondering about the plug they have from rx to esc lead here it is this is the model number

it is 4.99 on HH site.
link to it is here

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Posted by epoweredrc | Nov 19, 2012 @ 07:46 PM | 33,620 Views
So I had this posted on HF but wanted it posted somewhere else where I can edit it if need be and not have lot of none topic talk in it.

did this on 07-09-2012
Okay I want to start a thread where i can put out all my info, everything I learned during this conversion, I think having all the info in one spot is much more useful then having a lil bit everywhere. I want to thank Lawndart, Infocus, FireDoug and the others who helped answer my questions before I ever got my stuff to make the switch.

Okay I got my Head and my ZYX unit from CNCHELI I ordered on Friday and got it on Monday, Pretty quick shipping if you ask me.

450 Tarot 450FL Flybarless Rotor Head TL45110-03 black $33.99

This head comes already mostly assembled but I am telling you you will want to take it apart and oil the bearings, and loc tite everything with Blue loc tit it took me about 15 minutes do do this.

You will also need to get (4) Trex 450 Ball links and replace the balls on your swash plate so the links in the head will fit.
There enough in the bag to do 3 swash plates and kinda pricey but this is where I found them, Sure you can find them cheaper maybe else were.

just remove the 4 balls from your swash and put blue loc tite on these and install.

Tarot ZYX08 ZYX-S 3 Axis Gyro System $69.99
http://www.cnchelicopter.com/servlet...dsh-S-3/...Continue Reading
Posted by epoweredrc | Sep 02, 2008 @ 11:02 PM | 34,784 Views
UPDATE December 4th 2010, lipo's have come a very long way, they gotten cheaper and better so i have been using lipo's mostly. I still feel A123's are the best safety wise however.

Just wanted to add that I have gotten back into helicopter and purchased a blade 400 used on HF and love it, I have 280 flights and still having fun with it.
Set up:
Stock blade 400 with stock motor.
Castle Creations 25a Esc, set to Gov mode 2250 HS
HS 56's servos
Futaba 240 Gyro with Hyperion Dig. tail servo
Carbon main blades
using Billowy 40 to 50 C packs 2250's 3S
For unlimited power no bog ever.

Also Over the summer my Club decided to have a Half A pylon race, some of the members still owned the original Ace GLH's but one of the members redesign them and made them for electric power using cheap hobby king motors and esc's and battery's. Called these POD's ( Paulding one Design) Everyone used the same motors, (they all slightly different KV) but close as you could get. We all used whatever esc/battery's and servos but most use the cheap 9G HK ones.

This was a lot of fun and hope to have another race next year, i took 3rd out of 9 pilots, the 2 glow guys didn't have a chance they could not keep there engines running ( TD051's)

I have added pictures of my blade 400, the GLH I used for a practice plane and the POD I raced, and also i owned a AJ slick for about a year, it was a really great flying plane I used 2200 3S lipo's in it also to keep the weight down it did everything nice in the...Continue Reading