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Posted by mhpilot | Mar 26, 2015 @ 11:34 AM | 4,498 Views
So here are a few photos for a simple mod to fit larger batteries, I'm using the MultiStar 3S 11.1v 4000mAh, getting about a 25min flight time (no wind).
Posted by mhpilot | Jul 22, 2010 @ 06:01 PM | 3,467 Views
So I did start a build log a while back but apparently it's too old to add anything to, thus the new post.

I started off with the camera section and went from there, I was originally going to have the front camera section removable to be able to interchange cameras as you can see from the pics. Since then I have gone to a more user friendly setup that incorporates 2 sub-sections to ease the repair/change of the components. The forward section will contain the camera, autopilot, RX, video power supply and payload (the payload is intended for a digital camera that will rotate from a down view to a side view), the aft section will contain the power unit (motor), speed controller and main battery(s)

component summery:
Radio: initially 6ch for testing only, 9ch for completed unit with "Dragon Link"
Video: initially 900mhz 200mw, 900mhz 2w for end unit
Autopilot: AP4 for testing only, Micropilot 2000 for completed unit
OSD: undecided (still in testing)
GPS: Garmin 89 (for test plane only)
Power supply (main): 5200ma 18.5v (optional to 10400ma (2 5200))
Power supply (video): 2300ma 11.1V (optional to 4600ma (2 2300))
Anti-Collision lighting system (required by TC)

I'll try to keep this one up to date!
Cheers all and enjoy the...Continue Reading