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Posted by MisterTaco | Jul 06, 2017 @ 10:02 PM | 5,412 Views
I'm looking for Plans and Instructions for what I think is some sort of Dodgson Designs Maestro kit. I won it in an auction that was advertised as a Camano with built-up wing. Immediately after winning it, I realized to my horror that the fuselage was all wrong for a Camano. What did i purchase? After some digging, I realized that the kit may actually be an earlier Dodgson model called the Maestro, similar to this one.

The attached image shows all the items that came in the kit. I have no idea if all the wing ribs are there or not, but the HW seems pretty complete (as complete as I can tell without plans or instructions!)

Shawn Lenci confirmed it is a Maestro, but indicated that it may be one of several variants that had the Maestro name. I'm aware of probably at least 5 variants: Original Maestro,I, II, III, Client, Megan. He requested root rib dimensions to sort out which variant, so here goes:

Wing Root Rib Length: ~12 and 3/16" long, or if you're metric inclined, ~310 mm
Distance between two joiner rod holes: ~4 and 1/32" , or 102mm

Thanks in advance for any info folks can provide on this model.