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Posted by chip.greely | Jul 13, 2007 @ 09:35 PM | 47,324 Views
After shelving the Easy for another day of working on the House, I recalled reading that EPP (and Elapor foam) would re-expand in Hot Water. So after gutting the E-compartment, I filled up the sink with Hot Water and sank the Easy fuse in for a good half hour. Sure enough, the once flattened E-compartment had popped up revealing several tears in her bottom and cracks between her halves. I was surprised and had to give her a closer look. Not bad,...although she still had that nasty tire mark on the side, so back in the sink with some Dawn and a scrub brush and so much for that Tire Mark momento.

After drying off the Easy, I started re-aligning the two sides of the breaks, and found the Elapor foam to be soft and workable. I could squeeze the fuse and pull broken ends back to their once joining parts. Interesting. OK, time for CA and Kicker. I started with the tear in the side of the fuse, where it starts back up toward the wing mount. Since the Canopy had popped off during my landing, I used it to give me the basic 'curve' to refit. A few drops of CA and spray on some Kicker,...a puff of smoke and presto. Hmm, about that torn bottom where both servos were driven straight through to the pavement. Again,...a puff of smoke and bonded. I love that puff of smoke.

I continued this for a dozen cracks and tears, reshaping all the while and stopping to test fit the shape against the Canopy. After it was all said and done, it looked a bit ugly, but pretty close to original...Continue Reading
Posted by chip.greely | Jul 11, 2007 @ 07:32 PM | 47,504 Views
Never really knew what to put into a Blog, until today 7/11.

Death of an Easy Glider!

I'd taken the week off to work on the House and was watching the wind to see if a sloping break was in order. After laying down laminate floor, installing tub enclosure, etc.. just about any wind was a good excuse. By noon, the clouds had blown out and a N/NW wind was cooking up. Time to throw the Easy Glider I recently got off a friend moving East, who didn't want to pack it. I'd replaced a blown out HS-81 and dropped in a bigger 2000mAH battery to help with the balance. All set.

Drove 5mins up to Dave's Beach (see picture), a nice small bluff along Carlsbad's Coast and spotted Neil pulling out. He backed up long enough to see the Easy and chat about his Raider, before heading off to pick-up his next kit. The ridge was mine.

Really cleared out,...must have been 50 mile visibility and a stiff breeze blowing now out of the NW. I hook up the Easy and test the control surfaces,...right is right, left is left.... Walk out to the edge and give a toss. A lot of up and I'm trimming as I go to bring the nose back down. A turn North, upwind slows her down and gives me time to finish trimming (need more down). I run her along the ridge and decide to turn downwind and bring her in for adjustment. Downwind speed gets going and the landing finds the Easy Glider over the fence and in the southbound lanes of traffic, on PCH.

Those of you not familar with Dave's Beach can picture a small...Continue Reading
Posted by chip.greely | Jun 07, 2007 @ 05:08 PM | 47,358 Views
Favorite Flying location - Dave's Beach