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Links in the description for bikes mentioned and the phone holder which is good to have for any bike as it will not only hold the phone so you can use it for GPS computer and sat have etc but carry a power bank in there to save the battery.
Discount codes in there too.
What a great way to explore the area this is and I've found lots of interesting places in Yorkshire to fly my quads ( once the weather gives me a chance and stops RAINING )
400 mile 4 week update on the $500 Fiido d3s electric"folding" bike ebike and mods. (7 min 30 sec)

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Another great flight on the 94.5" HKing Navy cub at the BellairRCFlyers Warbird event. More info in the video description on YT.
H-King 94.5" Navy Piper J-3 Cub 2400mm from HobbyKing BellairRC Event Flight!! (4 min 29 sec)

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GR1 4WD Gear Modulus 1.5 (0 min 16 sec)

GR1 4WD gears, machined teeth, higher strength and precision,more durable, gear modulus 1.5.

Our gears are fixed by double bearings, reducing radial runout, bearing specifications are relatively large, reducing the line speed of bearing balls, reducing the probability of explosion bearings and improving durability. We are not only making products, we are striving for every detail.
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Might anyone be interested in making an offer on this lot of OK Cub parts? I count 165 envelopes, however some envelopes have several envelopes inside. Thanks!

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MFD Crosswind mini (8 min 5 sec)

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I'm just starting to acquire an assortment of various connectors. I want to switch all my battery connectors to XT150's. I was perusing You Tube and ran across a guy who was talking about them, and the problems he had with the connectors he had bought from different suppliers. Specifically Hobby King and Amazon. I buy all my connectors (Deans, XT60, bullets) from Amazon, but not the XT150 yet. Since Amazon cites their sources, I kind of feel like maybe I can avoid a knock-off and grade B quality. For instance, the shield around the bullets is quite flexible (and a different color) from Hobby King. But he also said that the male bullets extended beyond its shield from Amazon (Amass). Where do you guys get quality connectors?
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Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D EPP 400mm Wingspan 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro RC Airplane Trainer Fixed Wing RTF One Key Return for Beginner

One on the way for review

Brand: Eachine
Product Name: Mini Mustang P-51D (Wild Horse)
Version: RTF Gyro (whole set to fly with gyroscope)
Material: EPP
Wingspan: 400 mm (15.75 inches)
Length: 317 mm (12.48 inches)
Motor: 10mm coreless motor (hollow cup)
Receiver: 2 in 1 integrated board
Servo: 2g plastic gear *3
Propeller: 13X7
Flying weight: 60g
Recommended battery: 3.7V-360MAH
Package size (length x width x height): 35X35*15.5cm
Flight time: 14mins
Charging time: 2.5 hours

Package included:
1 x Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D EPP 400mm Wingspan 2.4G RC Airplane Fixed Wing RTF...Continue Reading
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Cut up a perfect new Lighting EPP wing kit into 3 pieces for portability and to carry on my ebike. Was an experiment that worked out pretty well. Kit cost me about $20 so no loss if I failed. The wings are now very stiff, the new wing is lighter than my old one which I had embedded LEDs. I hold the wings together with a couple zip ties. Takes about 5 minutes to assemble it at the field.
All up weight with 64gram 800mah lipo is about 330grams. That includes metal spinner on folding props and a bigger 15amp ESC. The old wing really flaps its wings on a windy day but this wing is very rigid. CG is at 10cm from leading edge. I don't know how anyone can fly with it at the recommended 50mm. Perhaps it is 3D at that point and I can't fly 3D. It is powerful enough with a 3S lipo to move out pretty quick. I fly around at about 40% throttle.

My maiden went ok but on the third flight the battery dropped out the bottom and I flew it down to a landing without any harm. Looked pretty funny flying with the battery hanging below by the wires. Guess that is the inevitable hazard with the battery hatch being on the bottom of the fuselage.
The video is kind of long and drawn out and out of frame sometimes. Maiden plus one flight is at the end. My wife kindly videoed but in portrait mode. I was training her to video my flights but she has already lost interest so will have to self video in future flights.

Very happy with how this wing turned out. I fly at a large university football field and it is perfect for that size field.

Backpackable Lighting EPP Wing (13 min 42 sec)

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At 9:15 on October 15th, in the Haicheng Park of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, a drone quickly took off and then flew away. It has 4 cups of freshly brewed coffee in the "belly" and flies to the future research and development park 3 kilometers away to send "Express". Next, the drone distribution area will gradually expand from the test scene of Hangzhou Future Science City to the whole city of Hangzhou.
On the same day, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the "Special Class of UAV Test Operation Approval Letter" and the "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Logistics Distribution Operation Permit" to Hangzhou Send Bar Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first “license” for the pilot operation of a certain type of urban scene for UAVs issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Yin Shijun, chief engineer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that the issuance of this license is a milestone in the field of unmanned aviation in China.
Send Bar Logistics is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Xun Ant Network Technology Co., Ltd. The ant established in 2015 has grown into a key enterprise in the domestic commercial drone field. Before being granted the operation permit, “Xun Ant” has completed more than 20,000 logistics operation scenario test flights in the test area of ​​Hangzhou City and Huzhou Anji and other mountainous areas, and passed the specific operational risk assessment...Continue Reading
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Aluminum Rear Lower Arm Set
For TT02
DTOR01006A: Red
DTOR01006B: Blue
Wholesale Price please PM or contact me at: [email protected]
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I was making a "robot car".....
Then saw a tracked "robot car"......
Then fluked a link to a 3D Printed Tiger 1 tank..... which led to another link of a much bigger 3D Printed Tiger 1 tank.....
By then I was thinking a big Tank might be a lot more fun! With more room in it to add anything I want, plus that is was going to be a 'robot' autonomous vehicle - but now it is going to be a mix of RC and Arduino/autonomous.....

I could sort of see it would be a fairly big project, but it is growing bigger and bigger - in work/time/effort, not size.
So this could be a very long project to complete!!

This specific Tiger 1 Tank version is originally made by Adam Owen, who made it as a PC case(!)... a whole high power gaming PC inside the tank!
A driveable PC Tiger 1 Tank !

But during investigations and testing of some parts of it I found a LOT needs modifying and improving, so whilst it is based off that tank it will actually be quite different - in construction, the stuff inside (no PC etc)......

Mine will also have a major addition of great importance! SUSPENSION ! I am still designing aspects of that, working out whether it will use Springs or Torsion bars.
It will also have Ball Race bearings for all wheels etc.
The motor drive system will likely be Nema17 Stepper motors, not normal motors running through gearboxes. Though they will still have one gearing stage of the motor Pinion to a larger Drive Gear.

Adam's tank is more of a BASE to build upon - so lots of it will be of great use, though more will be changed (improved) than kept as he designed it!
I have begun the project but who knows how long it will take!!
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Let the Eachine Tyro69 build begin! This Toothpick style micro FPV racer is equipped with an F4 flight controller with OSD, a 20A 2-6S BLheli-S ESC, 2-3S 1104 8600kv motors, and a Caddx Beetle V2 camera. It seems to be a pretty nice little bit of kit for only $69.99

Stay tuned for more pics, build updates, and flight video.

Happy Flying!!...Continue Reading
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Hi guys after the motor failed and my best mate Steve fixed it for me ,I refitted it in the goblin and did test flight OMG the heli was doing a belly dance the rotor disc was steady but the heli was doing a belly dance under it the ESC is a YGE and for some strange reason the ESC has lost its memory so had to do a reset up , well that fixed it
That was a strange going on
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The medium gearbox of GR1 4WD SOLID REAR AXLE TRUCK (0 min 13 sec)

The medium gearbox of GR1 4WD SOLID REAR AXLE TRUCK is shaped like an owl (the part of the eye is a secondary oxidation process, commonly known as two-color oxidation)
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GR1 1/5 4WD SOLID REAR AXLE TRUCK (0 min 36 sec)

GR1 4WD medium gearbox shell laser pattern (needs to oxidize again, the pattern will become other colors)
Posted by UnknownForces RC | Yesterday @ 09:02 AM | 1,087 Views
GR1 1/5 4WD SOLID REAR AXLE TRUCK (0 min 15 sec)

Nylon ball end of GR1 4WD, stainless steel ball head, careful assembly when processing, reduce the shaking and virtual position caused by the error.
Posted by UnknownForces RC | Yesterday @ 09:00 AM | 1,091 Views
GR1 1/5 4WD SOLID REAR AXLE TRUCK (0 min 17 sec)

GR1 1/5 4WD SOLID REAR AXLE TRUCK steering (6 bearings). Metal, nylon combination, strength and toughness and double buffer spring for better protection of the servo.