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Posted by AlkaM | May 29, 2019 @ 03:19 PM | 6,539 Views
Its been a while since I have put out any new hardware. The main reason is writing the firmware was much more time consuming than I first thought. Here is another very simple esc schematic. This would be very similar to the "typical" 32 bit esc using the stm32f051 processor and the fortior fd6288 chip. This one has no current sensing or anything fancy. Just a real basic design.
It is a two layer board.. can be printed cheaply at any pcb fab.
The total cost for the parts is about 5-6 dollars using the nexperia psmn2r4 mosfets. It can handle a decent current.. not sure yet what the limit is but I have used the mosfets for many designs now and they work well for the typical load a 3 or 4 inch quad puts on them anyway.

The firmware to use for the esc current can be found here. ( This is my original rough version).

Another version of the firmware done by a talented individual with some good performance improvements and structure clean up can be found here :
The pinout is a little different but his can more easily support additional targets so should be fairly easy to set up.
(proshot only for this version for now).

There is no configuration tool yet so settings can be changed using dshot commands for rotation direction or 3d mode.

Attached will be a zip file, there are gerbers and driptrace design files inside that can be opened with the freeware version of diptrace. I have a few more simple designs coming as they get tested. I have been using this one for a little while and have a few test flights on a 4 inch quad with 1806 motors.

early testing of the esc and firmware..
2 layer ESC test flight (0 min 58 sec)

and some reversing testing.
Reversing in 3d mode. 1806 motor 5 inch prop. (0 min 36 sec)