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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Mar 11, 2016 @ 08:54 AM | 31,901 Views

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I have written a blog on the A3 Super II gyro. It is very lengthy so I thought I would archive a blog of a few of the most common questions so folks can reference them without having to read the entire document. All videos can be found at the bottom of this blog

What is Gain?

RCG member [mapes12 ] comments “Keep it simple. Gain = Sensitivity. That's it.”

Let me expand on the concept. First let’s start by saying once you introduce a gyro (like the A3 Super II), you now have a “Fly-by-Wire” system. In the early years of aviation, the control surfaces of a plane were connected by a wire to the stick or pedals. If was up to the Pilot in Command (PIC) to know the limits of the plane and not exceed those limits. To me, Fly-by-Wire is an oxymoron term. It is the opposite of what it describes; it is actually a fly with computer assisted controls system.

So what is Gain? Gain refers to the amount of travel the servo is allowed to deflect when the gyro is issuing the commands. So if the gyro is set to 100% gain and all other systems are normal, the gyro will issue a command to the receiver (Rx) to allow the servo to travel 100%.

Why is Gain such a challenging concept? Because with a fly-by-wire system, there are multiple setting that ultimately control how far the gyro allows the servo movement to travel.

Let’s look at some of the settings available with the A3:

Gyro Gain wire attached to the Rx
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