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Posted by Red.Sneakers | May 16, 2015 @ 12:28 PM | 5,374 Views

LIPO battery ground school

New to using Lipo batteries, need a refresher or want to discover something new, here are links to various blogs with links to forum posts that may be of interest.

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Lipo Voltage Chart, click here
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Keep Warm at the Core! U & the Batts, click here
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Disconnecting Ultra Micro Batteries, click here
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | May 10, 2015 @ 08:40 AM | 6,063 Views

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I present my first screamer, the umx Habu S DF 180 . I apologize to the purist, but I did not like the hard plastic pointed nose on the Habu with the possibility of spectators around so once the nose broke, I took off the plastic point & rounded the foam. Think it looks ok.

Lesson learned on the maiden flight: The Habu has a delay to get up to full thrust, it is not instant, so one has to manage the speed & lift on arrivals; I fly at a public park, so the Habu is grounded on weekends & mission him only to weekdays after 9am & before 3pm when most folks are at work.

Update: During my maiden flight, the Habu required a lot of up elevator in turns. Today I moved the battery back and it flew extremely well. Several arrivals with no crashes, just a lot of bouncing, lol.

Do a pre-flight check of your switches to assure the proper programming.
Contributed by RCG member TweakRacer
Note that the LED inside the Habu should go to:
-> solid amber for beginner mode & panic mode <-
-> flashing green for intermediate <-
-> solid green for experienced <-

In summary, I am very happy with my first EDF & will surely learn & grow with it.

Reinforce the nose wheel area & other mods, click here

Don't forget to read the manual for concepts that are new to you & programming the Tx, see attachment

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My first screamer the umx Habu S DF180 HD (1 min 27 sec)

E-Flite UMX Habu 180 DF Ultra Micro BNF with AS3X Technology Maiden and Review With a Flock of Birds (7 min 24 sec) Review - E-flite® UMX Habu 180 DF BNF Basic with AS3X Technology (13 min 30 sec)

E-flite UMX HABU 180 HD on board video (3 min 11 sec)

Posted by Red.Sneakers | May 05, 2015 @ 07:25 PM | 6,038 Views

So You Want to Thermal, do you
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Description: Flight Log

An RCG member asked me a few questions when he got the umx Radian & wanted to learn to thermal. He thought the response was good for first time pilots to the umx Radian & those wanting to experience thermaling. So here are some of the basics to get you started.

Conditions change during flight, if it starts to porpoise, on the first porpoise encounter, just tap the elevator down to gain some speed. If it continues to misbehave, land it & adjust battery location.

When you do a full power on ascend do not cut the throttle at the top or you will stall & begin to oscillate up & down. As you reach the top of your power on ascend, level out the plane & slowly cut the power. Alternatively, especially if the plane is facing away from you, you can begin to circle while cutting the power back slowly. In either case you need airspeed to prevent porpoising. (Remember, the elevator controls your speed - pitch the nose up & you lose speed, pitch the nose down & you gain speed).

The best conditions for a truly relaxing ride is when you have Nimbus Stratus clouds, there is stillness in the air & the sky is covered in a grayish color. In this condition, you have raising warm air over the entire field, so you will power up & the glide will be almost level no matter where you fly. I love it when I can find it. I have never seen lightning reported with Nimbus Stratus clouds but always
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | May 05, 2015 @ 10:48 AM | 4,922 Views

Why Help Support RC Groups?

If you are reading this, you probably already agree RC Groups is the best RC forum out on the market. So why help support the effort of the team with an annual $49.95 RCG Plus Paid Subscription? Yea, they tell you about the extra emails you can store & the fact that you can do multiple searches with seconds of each other, but who really cares about these features if you not an internet troll, government authority or advertiser wanting to do rapid data mining. Additional features are highlighted on the RCG+ Plus page, click here

I designed global systems in a past life & let me tell you, their design & implementation team is top notch. In today’s world where folks want to expedite everything, these guys have taken the time to design & implement a very versatile system, full of features & options. Oh did I mention they also believe in constant improvement. As reference, I have been known to crash systems on user tests. I have hit the RCG site ‘hard’ as a user & it has not waned once.

RCG has really provided a little bit for everyone, no matter what your interest, skill level or interest. User setting are many & diverse. Forums, too many to list. Blogs are ever changing, bursting with ideas & information. Make Friends with folks that have a common interest, select Friends on the Blog tab & presto, you only see those blogs. Classifies, well you can try to sell or give away almost anything.
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