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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 20, 2014 @ 01:16 PM | 5,168 Views

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Nimbostratus clouds covered the sky, enabling the pilot to enjoy some long power-off glides. Temp 28.7F (-1.83C), pressure 30.15 & falling, average wind 2mph N, potential gusts up to 16mph ENE, elevation: 612ft. Winter gear, hand warmers & Tx glove secured. Timer set for 4 min 40 seconds. E-Flite 150mah 25c batteries could not handle the harsh conditions; they kept cutting out after a few minutes. Landed and refueled with Mini Aviation 220mah 45c Avgas batteries. These batteries performed great in the cold, allowing for two 10 minute sorties.

After being in the hanger for 140 days, Champ Dreamer is back in the air for his first test run with a borrowed set of wings. Dreamer only had 3 hours of air time before his last mission when he got stuck in a thermal and landed with a cracked wing. His permanent wings are at the painters being stenciled with his new name “Stratus”. Stratus, was commissioned due to being fitted with an altitude sensor and touring AGL beyond his size.

Old reliable, Champ Clipper, has also been taken out of the hanger after 84 days and fitted with a new fuselage. Historically, Clipper was originally Champ JTF Clipper, while undergoing certification testing, due to his clipped wings (17.3 inch – 440mm wing span versus stock of 20.3 inch – 515mm). After many test flights, he was fitted with his own fuselage and renamed Champ Clipper. After 16 hours of air time, his electronics where deemed unreliable and he got a new fuselage. Due to his war bird like prowess, he was renamed Champ Snoopy.

Both aero are awaiting a new Sport Cub S2 model motor & prop. While they wait, the pilots are enjoying some relaxing winter sorties.

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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 17, 2014 @ 11:02 AM | 4,819 Views

Laser Jet Decals ~ Fun & Easy ground school

A friend on RCG group told me about this method for creating decals for planes. I finally tried it and it works really well. Here are the steps:

- Prepare a sheet of your favorite images

- Print your color image on paper using a color laser printer or find a store that will print laser for around 50 cents
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- For best results, wash hands before starting to remove excess grease & dirt from your fingers.

- Cut the image you want to use, leaving space for handling. Later you will trim to the final size

- Cover with clear packaging tape, overlap tape if needed
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- Using a soft but firm tool, press the tape onto the image, first using a horizontal then a vertical motion
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 16, 2014 @ 09:16 AM | 4,783 Views

Winter flying can be very challenging vs a clear lazy summer’s day. More flight planning should be done for a safe & enjoyable flight.

Flight Planning for this morning. Temperature 38F and warming, Wind Chill: 38F, Pressure: 29.8, Average Wind: 4mph from the North. Winds shifting from North-West to North. Observed, on the internet from a local weather station, sustained wind speeds (in MPH): 4, 0, 6, 4, 0, 4, 2, 1, 0, 3, 0. Starring out the window at live conditions, high clouds are moving like a runaway freight train. Storm front moving in. Prevailing winds mapped on google earth indicate a downwind emergency airport available for emergency landing. Risk is max recorded winds NW 22mph, if encountered, emergency landing & activate rescue crew. Little turbulence expected. Elevator mechanical trim set for windy conditions. Acceptable conditions for my experience with the Sport Cub.

Cleared for low & close test flights of the Sport Cub S with floats, nav streamers & GWS 5x4.3 prop. Video glasses ready, all hanger preflight ok. Off to the park I go. Film on the 10 o’clock news.

= = = = =
10 o’clock news reel

Navigation Streamers HD (3 min 17 sec)

As pilots, we have to fly the weather we encounter not what was forecasted during the flight planning phase. Took off in choppy air. Ok, we have turbulence at low altitude. Then some sustained heavy wind kicked in. Activated emergency landing procedure at alternate airport 400 feet
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DX9 Dual Timers

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 06, 2014 @ 05:15 PM | 4,978 Views

On the DX9, I like to set my dual timers. Every sortie is flown under different conditions, so I make my estimations as to the battery capacity based on the style & conditions for the sortie. I then depend on the timers as my co-pilot. Timer 1 is set as a battery count down timer and timer 2 as a flight time timer. I set it to squawk on many events. I don’t like the voice of each timer to step on each other, so timer 1 is set to xxx minutes plus 40 seconds. Not making it an even number gives some separation to the two timers when squawking the events. I find it much more pleasant. The possible combinations are many. Here are the settings I have settled on. Share your experiences with timers.

Timer 1

Page 1
-------> Name: xxxxx
-------> Mode: Count Down
-------> Time: xxx min 40 seconds
-------> Start: Thr Stick
-------> Over: 5%
-------> One Time: Inhibit

Page 2
-------> Every Minute (Down): Voice
-------> 1 Minute: Voice
-------> 30 Seconds: Inh
-------> 20 Seconds: Inh
-------> 10sec to 1sec: Voice
-------> Expiration: Voice
-------> Every Minute (Up): Voice

Page 3
-------> Timer Start: Voice
-------> Timer Stop: Voice
-------> Time Reset: Voice

Timer 2

Page 1
-------> Name: xxxxx
-------> Mode: Stopwatch
-------> Start: Thr Stick
-------> Over: 5%
-------> One Time: Active

Page 2
-------> Every Minute (Down): Inh
-------> 1 Minute: Voice
-------> 30 Seconds: Inh
-------> 20 Seconds: Inh
-------> 10sec to 1sec: Inh
-------> Expiration: Inh
-------> Every Minute (Up): Voice

Page 3
-------> Timer Start: Inh
-------> Timer Stop: Inh
-------> Time Reset: Inh

Don't forget to checkout the third choice


Page 1
-------> Model: xx:xx:xx RESET
-------> System: xxx:xx:xx RESET

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 03, 2014 @ 05:01 PM | 4,805 Views
Some of the new Spectrum Rx are sending out telemetry data without any additional modules installed. This data is “Frame Losses & Holds”. I have encountered one that in addition sends out the Rx voltage. All you need is an Rx that will send the data and a Tx capable of receiving the data. I have not found a list documenting which ones send telemetry data, so with limited research & contributions from others, here is a list. Let me know of other Rx that you have confirmed send data and I’ll add them to the list.

See attached picture

Also see “Frame Loss & Holds Telemetry ~ DSMX” How to program your DX8 or like Tx

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Dec 01, 2014 @ 10:55 AM | 4,845 Views

umx Sport Cub S2 Flight School HD (5 min 43 sec)

Spring Snow ~ Low & Slow. Sport Cub S2. Music: Winter Wonderland ~ Holy & Ivy. Get your popcorn, sit back & enjoy a relaxing flight.
Spring Snow ~ Low & Slow HD (3 min 15 sec)
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