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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jul 11, 2014 @ 10:08 PM | 4,688 Views

World's Oldest Air Show ~ ILA Berlin 2014

Ever since it first took place in 1909 the ILA has been recognized as the world's oldest air show.
For those that did not get a chance to attend, here are a few of my favorite pictures.
Photos courtesy of photographer Tech Teacher

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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jul 10, 2014 @ 11:06 PM | 9,380 Views

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for the umx Radian!

As more RC planes are introduced with the AS3x system, I thought I would share my own experience and those of others. If you are new to AS3X, read on. I trashed a $170 plane because I did not understand this step. Others have complained about a plane’s bad performance characteristics by not understanding this step. All the manual (I don’t need no stinky manual) says is “Keep the plane immobile and away from wind for 5 seconds.” I suggest you start with a count to 10 to adjust for a fast countdown & quick draw pickup.

Initializing the AS3X: The plane can be in any orientation for the gyro to initialize, so what I am saying is even when the plane is upside down just leave it for 5 sec (10 sec), then secure the battery and go have fun. Note: Please check your manual, planes having additional features like wing / pitch leveling (i.e. SAFE) may require a specific orientation for proper initialization.

Let’s try again ~ Initializing the AS3X: For best results, the plane needs to remain still IMMEDIATELY following plugging in the battery. After initializing the gyro, you can then secure the battery. If you attach the battery and then put it down to rest, you may get a bad result - bad results usually happen when you pause for a moment & the gyro sets before it is perfectly still.

OK, One Mo' Time ~ Initializing the AS3X: There is NO way you can connect the battery to energize the system and hold the plane PERFECTLY
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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jul 08, 2014 @ 10:49 AM | 5,591 Views

I present my eHawkEye Weekender (the RC version of the HawkEye - Free Flight Glider).
I bought the plane while attending our son's graduation in California.
The box size made for easy carry-on travel & the color went well with my new
"Fear The Tree" hat & t-shirt.

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Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jul 05, 2014 @ 06:05 PM | 5,285 Views
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Recently I encountered extreme turbulence, so I landed where I could, walked, picked up the plane, packed up and went home to fly another day. Today is “another” day. Clear blue skies, organized air, slight breeze. Went flying for some relaxing touring flights. Clouds started forming and a little lift was being generated with no noticeable sink. After 40+ min of flight time, my neck started getting stiff so I packed up to fly another day.

We have all experienced flying in extreme conditions . I have been looking for a good explanation of flying in turbulence & wind. Found this blog from our friends in New Zealand. It is titled “Flying in WIND”, click here. If you have been challenged flying in the wind, you may want to take a look at this excellent Top Dog Blog.

Want to learn more about Wind, visit Weather Wiz Kids click here

May fair weather be in our future.

Posted by Red.Sneakers | Jul 04, 2014 @ 07:38 PM | 5,121 Views

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Description: Ready for Flight

I present my Champ Dreamer with streamer & sensor. Don’t change the channel just yet, I know, you’ve seen my other Champ mods. This mod has a new variation not done before. It answers a question asked by many. I enjoy flying the streamers on clear sunny blue sky days, doing sorties that are far & high. The streamers are twice the length of the fuselage, red on left & green on right. The color, size & reflection on sunny days makes orientation very easy & dreamy . At the end of an enjoyable sortie, nice relaxing flight, caught a thermal, nice landing but how high did I go?
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